Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Scott Graves (WesCom News Services) wrote for the Del Norte Triplicate news paper on 04-09-2014 in his article >Brookings port cleans up mink carcasses: “More carcasses were expected to surface, so port employees continued to patrol the port last weekend. Mink carcasses are sometimes used by commercial fisherman as crab bait,” Fitzgerald said. “The meat can be purchased frozen from mink farms and arrive as full carcasses without their pelts.”

On fur farms and mink farms animals are skinned alive and without anesthesia. This is the worst type of cruelty that exists. It is gruesome torture. There are several undercover videos out there for people to see that this is happening.

What each person can do about this: If you are a fisher person do not buy those carcasses because if you do you support the fur farm industry and the horrendous torture. And for everybody else as well, Never buy anything from the fur farms: Neither a carcass nor a fur product. Never buy real animal fur clothing nor accessories nor any item which has a piece of fur built into it, from any retailer or supplier.

Buy only fake furs and leathers. If you have time you can write a letter to the government and petition them to ban fur farming. Also check for existing petitions on Care2.

Thank you.

Nicola Grube

Crescent City, Ca. and Brookings, Or.

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