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Where’s the money?

NOTE BY EDITOR:  This is a copy of a letter that was submitted to the Committee regarding the Point of Honor Veterans Memorial Monument:

I would like an accounting of the donations that you have received for the Point of Honor Memorial to be built in Crescent City. I know of many Veterans Organizations alone that have donated in access of $10,000.00. More were received from other groups and citizens of Crescent City and the surrounding areas. You dug a hole then covered it up and tell us that you have disagreed with the person that was designing it and now you must start over. Now you tell us you still need over $50,000 to get the Memorial built. Where is the rest of the money that was entrusted to you to get it erected? No one can tell or give us an accounting of what funds have already been donated. There has been no accounting for the money donated and we have been informed that money is missing from the fund. We have talked with numerous people regarding this matter and they all say the same thing that no one knows where the money has gone. I feel it is our right to know how the money has been spent and it certainly didn’t cost $40,000 to dig a hole and fill it in again. People in the community have been trying to get this built for many years and we still have nothing.

James Brassard

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