Sat. May 25th, 2024
In regards to Katherine Kelly’s article (How Bad is HFSA/Fluoride In The Water Pipes published January 7, 2014), one of our horses who consumed fluoridated water all his life up until 2004 (19 years) had the classic signs of Alzheimer’s.   In 2010, 6 years post his consumption of fluoridated water, we noticed he started acting like a normal horse.  Today he is 28 years old, the mind function we never thought he had has returned, and he would be considered a very smart horse for any age.  How many people that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s go to their early graves with further lessening and eventually no mind function at all, and being massively drugged by doctors with drugs that further their decline without a diagnosis of what actually caused the problem?  Remember the average doctor and vet  treat symptoms….they rarely look for a cause.   Dr. Rowen, is obviously not the average doctor.  Why aren’t there more like him?  The world would be a better, healthier place if there were.
Wayne & Cathy Justus
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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