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By Nicki Reddwoodd – September 22, 2017

Before civilization 20 or 30 or maybe 100 000  years ago with early homo sapiens the lagoons and wetlands laid untouched by commerce. It was a pure and pristine landscape of wonderful smells, happy animals and lush vegetation. The lagoons flooded their ways through the wetlands upon their own will and proliferation. Nature was at it’s peak of creation and creativity.

There was no broken glass, beer bottles, condoms and cigarette butts lying around through which one would have to meander oneself carefully in order to not step on one of such bad feeling items. No. One could freely wander barefoot and Naked around the healing and vast paradise of pureness. Diving naked into the lagoon, Floating on one’s back in the pure and healing water looking into the blue sky that was free from air planes and free from bad feeling gases and particles.

Today there is miserable commercial debris scattered around, old furniture and even hazardous items such as old radios and TVs polluting the precious wetlands. Animals have suffered and died from that pollution. The waste management is not interested in creating a functioning reform and people are always afraid to lose their income that is functioning for Them at this moment. The money and the social status are more important to them than a pure eco system.

They even go so far as to allow hunting animals in such precious places causing terror to the life in the wild life “refuge” that has been living there long before civilization. But swimming naked in that precious lagoon is illegal!!! Violence is legal and nakedness is illegal. Violence is terror. Nakedness is peace, purity, love and unity with nature. Our (un)modern society welcomes violence, division, fascism and oppression. They resist peace, love, unity, purity, sanity, wholeness, nature, animals who live for their own purposes, art, freedom of mind and equality.

For an empath like myself it is a harsh life being surrounded and ordered around by people who have become dead inside. What can be done to reawaken the child that you once were? How can we connect? How can we communicate? How can you hear me? How can I convey my message of love to you? Where are you? I am tapping in the dark trying to find a way to reach your minds.

One thought on “An Earthian naked in a lagoon”
  1. What can be done to reawaken the child within? Learning to face all those fears that the humans instilled within us all growing up as children into adults. I am also an empath who is used by spirits to spread messages and at times send healing also to those in need. How can we reconnect each of all to be one again in this life? Not possible anymore as you said, and it is also not for all to get it either, for all are not meant to go where we go when we finally get the truth to it all. I can hear most if they are on my energy anyways for I am so aware of my own inner self, and energy that when others say my name I can hone in and hear the topic of the conversation they are having about me if I chose. Love doesn’t exist on this realm, those who know what true love is need to spread it through their actions towards others, including strangers. Don’t stress on saving the whole world for not the whole world needs saving just America for it is the most evil country ever right now.

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