Thu. May 23rd, 2024

I have been lobbying Editor Fornoff for some time about a reconciliation of facts that are printed in nearly every issue of the Triplicate.  I had nearly given up hope when low and behold, the Triplicate has a “New Column” printed on the front page of nearly every issue of the paper of late.  While the substance of the “New Column” is still the type that puts one to sleep, it seems to indicate that Censor, that is, Editor Fornoff is loosening his iron grip on his insistence that his writings and those of his staff are invariably  true and correct.  Of course, that belies the fact that numerous readers of the Triplicate can point to errors in nearly every issue printed.  So, I will have to say, that his editorial policies seemed to have been moved by the deluge of criticism of his stories and editorials, coupled with signs of a shrinking readership, a growing dissatisfaction with the dearth of reliable local news and the complete lack of an opinion page.

The “New Column” now that I have your undivided attention is titled quite simply “CORRECTION”, or on a particularly bad day at the Triplicate, “CORRECTIONS”.  I must warn you, that while it may seem a step in the right direction for Censor Fornoff, early versions of the column are not very overwhelming and can easily produce yawns from the paper’s readers.  Maybe after he develops a certain honesty in his style of writing perhaps this column might just catch on and influence other areas of the paper.  Maybe better and more objective local reporting, elimination of rather pointless editorials such as the ones by Mr. Pitts and a general loosening of the rigid and pointless rules for “letters to the editor”.  The last alone might just necessitate and spark a renewed interest in what has largely become an after thought for the papers readers.    One can only hope, but I for one do not plan on a subscription to the Triplicate anytime soon.  The local sentiment seems to be against any such renewals.  But, perhaps this “New Column” might be that fresh wind and the stink of previous editorial activity will be GONE WITH THE WIND.

Samuel Strait

Crescent City, Ca.

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