Sun. May 19th, 2024

     Check out “Bigfoot/Sasquatch Resurgence of Native American Indian Legends.” A 212-page, 8.5 x 11 inch, Textbook-Sized Book that’s absolutely Filled with Bigfoot/Sasquatch-History; that had actually been Documented By Various Explorers in North America From 1603 to Present. This book is an adventure- in that these old stories also seem to profile and detail descriptions of certain behaviors attributed to what might still be considered to be Bigfoot/Sasquatch, but by several different tribal-names.

     These stories are from tribes all-over the US and Canada (North, South, East, and West), including some of our own local tribes- Right here in our own backyard!  [These stories are cited and sourced from old books and other literary sources, the oldest dating back to 1603.] This book is comprised of Historic-Evaluations from Over-100 tribes!

Read about what the Karuk Tribe in the Klamath Mountains calls “Madukarahat.  Not to mention stories told among the local Yurok and Hoopa Tribes of what they had referred to as “Oh-Ma-Ha,” “Omah,” & “Toke’ Mussis”(translates in English to “Wild Man”). As well as what the Caltto Tribe near Laytonville, CA calls “Nani-Chunch.”

     Interestingly enough the names and translations given- still coincide with current reports and observations- that are still given to this day. In fact the Native American Indian stories appear to give us major details in the behavior profile, and identity of the same described animal (that we otherwise don’t know enough about). [The Index to this book reads based on “Profile,” “Behavior,” and “Associations.”]
  Experience the Adventure!
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