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By Carl DeMaio – February 13, 2023

We’ve just received the official notice from the California Secretary of State’s office that the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative has QUALIFIED for a public vote on the statewide ballot!

This could not have been possible without YOUR HELP and that of tens of thousands of our volunteers who collected over 1.4 MILLION SIGNATURES on this landmark state constitutional amendment to force this public vote! 

But we can’t celebrate yet. California politicians have already raised millions in special interest money to defeat our initiative. That’s because they know our ballot measure will end their carefree tax-hiking reign of terror in California by:

  • Restoring a two-thirds vote for any tax hike – thus ending the way they imposed the car and gas takes hikes recently
  • Imposing a stricter definition on what is a “tax” so politicians can’t call them “fees” 
  • Requiring the words “tax increase” be included on the official title of any measure that appears on the ballot that contains a tax hike inside of it, and
  • Repealing dozens of tax hikes imposed after Jan 1, 2022 – immediately saving taxpayers money!
  •  One more crucial thing to know: with the recent revelation that California politicians imposed over $4.5 billion in “hidden state taxes” on our electric and gas utility bills, we’re working with our lawyers to determine how the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative can invalidate all those extra charges to save ratepayers immediately! 

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California

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