Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

I purchased a copy of the first video to give support and to share with anyone and everyone who has the devastation cancer brings to your life.

The first video shows testimony after testimony from people who have been diagnosed. with cancer, the treatment plan, prognosis and follow up of the results (death, a painful, tortured death) from those who were too late finding Dr. Burzynski.  The first video, first few minutes of testimonies has a San Francisco police detective and his beautiful ten year old daughter at his side as he chronicles the events of his daughter’s identical twin when she was treated for a brain tumor.  This extremely ill child was released from traditional therapy, chemo and radiation, when the medical staff declared any more “therapeutic” treatments would be fatal.   Fate guided these desperate parents to Dr. Burzynski.  She was given Dr. B’s non-toxic, no side effects, painless, anticancer drugs, and the tumors responsed to them favorably and disappeared.  Excited to share this miraculous event, the parents notified the chemo, radiation doctors. They discouraged the parents from seeing Doctor B., stating he is a quack. 

I think anyone who has knowingly played any part in delaying Dr. Burzynski’s progress in perfecting his cancer drugs should be charged with crimes against humanity and serve humanity in some way.  And if you were responsible for anyone dying because you had anything to do with aiding in the inability for his patients to get the medicine and treatment should be charged with premeditated, multiple murders.  Because that is what you are.  You knew chemo and radiation would not cure only kill the patients after they spent their savings for the only hope you offer an excruciatingly, painful death that destroys the human form and soul.   

Connie Morrison

Crescent City, Ca.

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