Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

I heard about the proposed rate increase for water and sewer and I have to wonder who the Powers That Be in this city think we are? Look around and you’ll see lots of vacant houses, lots of closed businesses, scarce and poor paying jobs, and people living on fixed incomes. I’m in the latter group. My Social Security, which I had to take earlier than I wanted due to an inability to find a job, is not going to increase any time soon. I barely have enough money to buy food and pay rent. My $80 water/sewer bill is my largest bill.

I can’t afford to pay more on an already hard to pay bill. The bills keep going up, the income does not. It doesn’t matter that other places in California pay more for their water/sewer bills. We are one of the poorest counties in the state with higher than state-average unemployment! Whoever decided we need to pay more on such a necessary service needs to realize who we are and where we are. We can’t give more of what we don’t have.

Ernie Cox

Crescent City, Ca.

  1. Yes help we are getting taxed greatly. For water Bill in the lowest cost of living county in California

  2. This is crazy paying $63 + dollars a month just for sewer just because I am a few streets way from the city limits!!! I agree with Ernie, something has to be done. This is a low income city with high unemployment and seniors on a fixed income. I see no government help for those in need to help with this over rated sewer charge. I barely use any water and being a single individual, why am I paying the same flat rate as those who have large families? Crescent City needs to stop bleeding its citizens dry. We are not San Francisco or LA with fancy stores, nightlife, etc. We are a small town community who needs to put a stop to the individuals with money taking it out on those who aren’t as well off. Wake up Crescent City, taking a dump shouldn’t cost that much. I sure as heck know I don’t use the facilities that much. What are we suppose to do? Have our water & sewer shut off and use the facilities in town. Give me a break, literally.

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