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Who’s running the mental health program?  Who’s running Child Protective Services?

Who’s running the drug and alcohol programs?

What is the purpose of taking away a 4 year old and placing her with her grandparents who tested positive for drug and alcohol use.

Why are people being put into jail for drug and alcohol abuse?  Why are they not offered treatment instead of being treated them like criminals.

After the mother got an apartment, and job and extended chaperoned visits with her daughter she was getting her sobriety, daughter, and life back.

She was elated because promises were made that she and her daughter would be back together again soon.

Before what was to be the final hearing, the authorities would inspect the home of the mom and test all of them (mom/dad/ and grandparents) for alcohol and drug use.

But what happened is that night they arrested the mom again for a probation violation the night before the hearing; and put her in jail, thus missing her hearing where she was to be reunited with her daughter.  The next morning she begged to go to the hearing to get her daughter back.  She was told by the jailer that, “They know where you are.”  But no one came for her. Another opportunity was denied for her to be with her child.

The mother was tested 2 times ago and was dirty.  This last time she was clean but the Dad, Grandpa and Grandma all tested dirty. It should have shown she had improved, but Judge Follett sentenced her to jail for 30 days and she will miss her visits with her daughter and her daughter will miss her visits with her mother.

The little girl is hungry, the grandmother spanks her even after being told she’s not allowed to spank her, and the 4 year old wants to know when she can go home to her mom.

Now, she’s probably going to lose her job and apartment and probably her daughter.  Judge Doehle returned the baby back to the grandparents.   And nobody came to inspect the mom’s home.

This whole things sounds like a set up to me in an attempt to destroy the mothers life.  Judge Follett could have put a stop to this, Judge Doehle could have put a stop to this, but neither Judge sees the injustice.  Many people drink and drug themselves instead of dealing with pain effectively. I just wonder how often law enforcement officers or mental health officials are tested for drugs and alcohol. I bet a large percentage would test dirty, yet their children are still in their homes.

When did of the people, by the people, for the people, become screw the people?


Connie Morrison

Crescent City, Ca.

One thought on “Could This Happen To You?”
  1. Welcome to the system in Del Norte! I think they should drug test all the social workers because the word on the street is one of them is a very heavy drinker and another one uses Pot with her kids. To bad they don’t clean up their own house and then they would be examples for the people they are supposed to be helping.

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