Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

By Vickey Stamps (c)- April 23, 2016 –

The width of her had changed from lack of activity and years so quickly gone.  Lines filled her face, testimony to the long years, embedded with memories of all that had been.  One of her arms hung down across and over a resting bar, fingers touching upon the spokes of the wheel chair. 

Her eyelids rested,  almost closed, studying the pattern of the lap robe thrown upon  her lap, in an effort to warm legs that barely moved  any more.  Perhaps she would let herself sleep ….

Just for a while.

Her thoughts were clear, sometimes more than others, and she took that moment to think on their children, gone to other places, their visits more difficult to make.  She was sure her beloved husband surely watched from the banks of Heavens clouds, waiting for them to again be side by side.  She scanned backward through life, but it made her feel weary.  Yes, she would sleep for just a little while.

There was her three dear childhood friends, young again, filled with life and its music, loving the moments and being together.  They thought perhaps they would go and enjoy the park today. 

The wind was growing heavy but all the better to feel their skirts dancing against their legs, the breeze kissing their cheeks,  the leafs dancing with them. 

They’d take off their shoes and socks to feel the earth beneath their feet. Now the three girls danced,  knees rising high, legs kicking out, skirts feeling in their minds as if they were spun of fabric from the  finest silk worms, the cloth of gossamer colors donated by  butterflies themselves.  The wind blowing the hems pointed in contortions like that of the leaves above them, dancing to their own tune and rhythm of the wind.  Surely the Creator of all living things must have smiled at the joy of these young girls, filled with life and love.   

The dance slowed and the wind moved on to yet another place it was needed. The leaves stilled themselves,  watching as the dance ended, the girls holding hands, pledging eternal friendship, making pomises they  knew likely to fade in the turning of lifes clock. 

For now the sun was showing itself, the grass bent with the wind,  now stood  proud in its plush greenness.  Birds flew in happy circles, their wings of color flashing in the rays of the sun.  Squirrels chatted from the branches of the trees.   It was a good time, one of pleasure and happiness, a day to be remembered.

A nurse passed by, wondering at the gentle smile upon the old sleeping woman.  She was one of her  favorite patients.  She stayed long enough to pat her shoulder and give a gentle hug. The old woman felt the gentle pat that caressed away the arthritic pain for a moment .  She wondered at what had caused it. 

Perhaps it was an encouragement to her, to once more go with friends of long ago days, down to the  park and dance in the wind.




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