Sun. May 26th, 2024

I am feeling that I am living in a world where nobody cares.  I hear people complaining but when it comes to actually doing something , I don’t know, is it just too much trouble? It has been brought to my attention this month that the Principal and vice principal of Crescent Elk school may be less than truthful People and I have seen people being hurt and  or killed related to these people. One of them probably caused the death of another person and they called it bodily injury, really?  One of them possibly caused the crescent ELK Cheerleaders from taking 1st place as they did in the last competition they performed at, by the firing the coach 2 weeks before the JC’S competition thus causing ciaos among the team.  We wrote letters, called, and texted all that might help with this unjust situation, they did not care. It’s just cheerleader drama.

Well I am here to tell you lies were told, do we just except lies these days because it is drama to speak out for truth.  Our leaders are doing as they please no matter who it hurts, and no one was concerned enough to call a meeting that was ask for with all involved present. This is important stuff. The cliques running our town are driving us into the ground as far as doing as they please, over doing what is right and just.  And these actions were very hurtful to many people involved, they will get over it, but it is the principle of the thing
Now can we believe that either of these men would speak the truth in court about a DIU, murder? The good ole boys are sticking together, and a man is dead.  Although they deemed this death, bodily injury in court.   This is much worse than cheer leaders not taking a first place in a competition, but the two stories show actions beyond belief.  It shows how they stick up for one another in their lies. And we have proof of some lies that were told concerning the unjust firing of the cheer coach.  I am sure some knows of lies that were told in court.  I will speak out about injustice and lying is unjust. What are the actions of these men teaching the children that they are in charge of, because the girls know the truth of what happened.
Lenda Beck
Crescent City, Ca.
2 thoughts on “DOES ANYBODY CARE?”
  1. Hello Lenda,

    As AGI developer Professor Dr. Ben Goertzel said in conversations with people on the Internet, >Who said there are guarantees for anything?<, Who said that things are going to be smooth?, Who said that there are no difficulties in life? We are here wherever that is on Earth, and we have to make the best out of it. Many people lie, murder, cheat, corrupt and damage this planet and at the same time they think they are "good" Christians, "good" Muslims, "good" Hindus, etc. I don't think that there is a place left on Earth where all people are easy going.

    No matter how someone has been cheated by others, one has to take full responsibility for one's own life or things will continue to be rocky. I say that as someone who has been there and done that, except cheerleading. Ha.

    If you join the community of caring people who stand up for life on planet Earth, for justice, for the well being of all beings, you will find friends and people you can trust. But one has to be alert about any situation. I always say trust your instincts. Much love from Nicola

  2. The GOOD OLD BOYS have been running Del Norte for a long time and NO ONE has been able to break their hold! I care and other people care, but what can we do? I was told when I moved here don’t make waves they will get you. Well I made waves and Wilson was still re-elected,I made waves about school bullying and they passed a bullying policy that they do not inforce. I could go on and on! The GOOD OLD BOYS are killing this town–look around. People are leaving here and not looking back and I can’t say I blame them.

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