Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Another approach for cancer treatment and prevention from Mercola.

After viewing Cancer is Serious Business part 1, sitting in disbelief at the extent the FDA would be allowed to go in order to steal Dr. Burzynski’s patents,

knowing full well his patients would die.  Their deaths and all the pain involved to the person, family, and community disregarded shamelessly was the most obscene,

disgusting display of apathy towards another human beings’ well being I have witnessed.  Society should not have to tolerate this abuse.  Obviously a scam of the greedy.  Leaving no page unturned in their efforts to convert the life saving medicine Dr. B. has brilliantly created to become theirs.

This is what is going on at the FDA now!  Big Pharm, GMOs, lies and no accountability or liability for unscrupulous acts.

(how did we get here?  Watch HOT COFFEE on Net Flix).

I see this same format in city and county government.  Lies, embezzlement, burying toxic waste, cronyism.

We need a building to show videos, documentaries, have discussions, provide documents and support and” leaderless” town meetings.

A place to make tee shirts, write protest songs and sell coffee.


Connie Morrison

Crescent City, Ca

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