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By Carl DeMaio – February 20, 2023

We just received word that the opposition campaign against our California Taxpayer Protection Initiative has contacted local elected officials in your area asking them to pass a local resolution formally OPPOSING passage of our California Taxpayer Protection Initiative.  Here’s what’s happening and why we need your help to respond: 

Last week just hours after I shared with you the amazing news that our California Taxpayer Protection Initiative qualified for a statewide vote, the League of California Cities joined Gov. Gavin Newsom and every Democrat in the state legislature in urging local government boards to docket a formal resolution urging voters to vote NO on our measure. 

They know passing this measure will be a GAME CHANGER that makes it harder for CA state and local politicians to raise taxes again e.g. new requirements for honest ballot titles and two-thirds voter approval etc.) 

Through passage of these resolutions, state and local politicians are using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to try to scare voters into opposing our measure.  We must respond ASAP! 

First, please check the docket agenda for your county, city and school governments in your area and alert us when they put their opposition resolution on. 

Second, it is clear we MUST start our YES campaign efforts immediately or we risk letting the other side falsely defining what our initiative does in the eyes of voters. 

Passing this ballot measure is CRUCIAL to our ongoing fight to end the constant tax hikes in California at both the state and local levels.  Even better, it repeals recently adopted tax hikes to provide you with immediate cost savings! 

2 thoughts on “Follow-up To California Taxpayer Protection Initiative”
  1. Received Registration Renewal for my 2011 pick-up. Instead of reducing fee like in past due to depreciation they RAISED the fee. Heard awhile back the DMV was going broke. C’mon man, with all the vehicles in the state, driver license fees, etc, they’re going broke? Am I the only one that got an increase in fees and is this going to be the future trend?

    1. WE renewed our 25 year old truck registration at the local DMV office. $304! If we were in Oregon, we would be paying $122.
      No wonder people are leaving California in droves.

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