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By Carl DeMaio – June 10, 2023

California politicians are up to their dirty and dishonest ballot title schemes again – and we need your help to fight back ASAP!

This morning at 11am I’m holding a press conference to blast California Democrats for paying dishonest signature gatherers $10 for each voter they con into signing a massive sales tax hike. The Democrats are fraudulently obtaining voter signatures by saying it is a “public safety” measure or “fills potholes” – when it is just a tax hike and absolutely ZERO funds are earmarked for safety or road repairs!

That’s why it is CRUCIAL that we pass our California Taxpayer Protection Initiative which restores a two-thirds vote requirement for any new taxes, repeals a bunch of recently impose tax and utility rate hikes, and requires HONEST BALLOT TITLES be used going forward!

But guess what? Showing complete hutzpah, state politicians have slapped a grossly dishonest title on our CTPI Initiative. See it for yourself: “An initiative to limit the ability of voters and state and local governments to raise revenues for government services.”

We are fighting back by running ads warning voters NOT to sign the Democrats’ deceptive initiative – and fighting to counter the dishonest ballot title they have slapped on our reform measure. But with voters getting duped into signing a tax hike measure, we need your help ASAP!

Can you chip in to our campaign to help us fight these dishonest ballot titles that politicians are using?

 Demand Honest Ballot Titles in California to Block Tax Hikes

California politicians are trying to lie to voters with dishonest ballot titles because they know voters don’t support more tax hikes and they know our California Taxpayer Protection Initiative is a powerful GAME CHANGER that will make it harder for them to impose any more tax hikes on us – ending their schemes to impose an Exit Tax, a Savings Tax, and a Mileage Tax!

But to win we absolutely MUST deal with these dishonest ballot titles – or we risk having a lot of voters who support our fight against tax hikes getting fooled into voting for tax hikes!

So please contribute whatever you can today to help us respond to these dishonest ballot titles before we get to the 2024 election!

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California

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