Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
Shoujo is an albino baby dolphin who is held in captivity in Japan to be sold to amusement parks.
She is suffering. They injured her when they forcefully separated her from her mother. Not long after they separated them her mother went into a shock state, she stopped breathing and died. Her baby Shoujo is staying in a small pool currently. She is in a state of terror pacing back and forth between the walls of the pool. There is a video by Denise Marcel on YouTube with the title “White Baby Albino Dolphin Shoujo at Taiji Whale Museum.” This video shows her and other dolphins in the small pool where they are currently held.
Dolphins and whales need to swim high speed for hundreds of miles each day in order to stay healthy. Capturing, selling, enslaving and slaughtering of dolphins and whales needs to become outlawed worldwide. I made several videos regarding Shoujo, one of them is my song for her. I encourage everybody to make a song for her as well and write to as many politicians as you can in this regard.
Would you please share this with everybody you know?  Would you all sign my petition – Free Shoujo on Care2?
Thank you very much.
Nicola Grobe
Brookings, Oregon and
Crescent City, California


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