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TO:; you have my permission to publish my letter to the Mayor and Councillors of Lethbridge:
To the Mayor and City Councillors of Lethbridge,

I speak from painful personal experience. As you consider your stand on water fluoridation, please be advised you should have no confidence in the integrity the system that produced the ‘science’ of water fluoridation.

I am a biochemist involved with an experiment since 2005 on lead service lines supplying drinking water to homes in Washington DC (1). My dissenting opinion has been that industry research and compliance with U.S. Lead and Copper Rule (LCR)1991 systematically underestimates lead contamination of drinking water(2). I have been recognized as a whistleblower (3). EPA has continued for years ignoring my input (4). Recent studies in 2013 (5) confirm my concerns (6). I also suffer painful, serious health effects and consequences of 60 years exposure to fluoridation chemicals made apparent to me only in the last 18 months (7), perhaps exasperated by fluorine gas I was exposed to at the water treatment plant in Washington DC.

The US EPA, CDC, municipalities, and water utilities continue to this day, as they have for decades, to mislead the public about their true exposure to lead in drinking water leaching from lead service lines. THIS IS THE SAME SYSTEM that produced the ‘science’ of water fluoridation replete with decades of willful blindness, bias, grants for preconceived research results, repression of true scientists, propaganda slogans, down playing of  C negative health effects, professional bullying, junk science techniques, cherry picking data, fraud, powerful corrupt politics, and industrial interests.

To unduly threaten the health of your community with water fluoridation based on schemes that masquerade as true science is foolishness indeed.

Susan Kanen
Anchorage, Alaska

Links and additional comments:
(1).      starting at C-87 Washington Aqueduct Lead Service Line Pilot Study. Misrepresented and miscalculated lead release from lead service lines by 4000%.

(2).         Comments by SKanen to National Drinking Water Advisory Council

(3)          at 12:43 Dr Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech mentions Sue Kanen as a whistleblower in the DC Lead in Drinking Water scandal

(4)      Minutes of EPA conference calls, Susan Kanen participated since 2011

(5)  Environ Sci Technol. 2013 Aug 20;47(16):9300-7. doi: 10.1021/es4003636. Epub 2013 Aug 2.
Detection and evaluation of elevated lead release from service lines: a field study. Del Toral MA1, Porter A, Schock MR. Abstract: Comparative stagnation sampling conducted in 32 homes in Chicago, Illinois with lead service lines demonstrated that the existing regulatory sampling protocol under the U.S. Lead and Copper Rule systematically misses the high lead levels and potential human exposure.

(6)  Lead in Drinking Water Sampling Manipulation 3 minute video by SKanen demonstrating my concerns on lead leaching from lead service lines.

(7) I was exposed to fluorine gas in the basement at the water treatment plant in 2005 (HF etched glass and corroded window and door frames until they collapsed) My lungs and throat burned, I lost sense of taste and smell, had nausea and shortness of breath,and brain fog. Nevertheless, I had no idea I was being exposed to HF in the air at the point the fluoridation chemicals are added to drinking water. Fluoride is an accumulative poison, I continued my lifelong consumption of fluoridated water, food and exposure while bathing, swimming, and in hot tubs. I have dental fluorosis as a child of a military dentist. Front teeth have veneers. Uterine fibroids and prolapse. Multiple internal hernias. In 2007, I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis, two emergency room visits in Sept 2012 with a 0.7 mm kidney stone, diagnosis of degeneration of hip and lower spine, elevated serum calcium and parathyroid hormone,parathyroidectomy of 5200 mg in Nov 2012 with persistent elevated parathyroid hormone, osteoarthritis required hip replacement in Aug 2013, osteopenia, painful multinodual calcified goiter of the thyroid with hypo and hyperthyroid symptoms, autoimmune thyroiditis, GERD and irritation of GI and urinary tract, Barrett’s esophagus, calcified ligaments with X-ray evidence of calcification of the interosseous membrane of the forearm, phleboliths, bilateral renal cysts, enlarged heart, fatigue not relieved by rest, neurological symptoms such as numbness, anxiety, forgetfulness, perhaps pre- Alzheimer symptoms-just to name a few classic responses to fluoride intoxication. None of my AMA doctors had a clue what was wrong with me. As a biochemist, I finally speculated I might be fluoride poisoned. I insisted on getting a fluoride analysis of the deformed head of my femur bone sawed off during hip replacement. It measured 1500 ppm fluoride of ashed bone weight, pointing to the diagnosis of the initial stage of skeletal fluorosis. My medical bills in the last 18 months are almost $150,000. Fluoride is a lifelong accumulative toxin and slowly harms and, if exposure is excessive, eventually destroys every human organ system for everyone in water fluoridated or non-fluoridated areas alike. It really is absolute foolishness to add more fluoride to drinking water. I did not give my consent to be an experimental toxic waste dump for the last 60 years! Now 8 months avoiding fluoride, I am slowly getting better.

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