Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

I am tired of Leonard Pitts.  His editorial today entitled “I am tired of Donald Trump,” inspired me to write this letter to the editor.  I have been meaning to do so ever since Robin Fornoff has insisted on printing Pitts’ garbage.  However, I sort of figured we will have to put up with Leonard Pitts as long as we put up with Robin Fornoff !

I am sorry this letter can’t be more substantive, but the new Triplicate web page won’t let me pull up Pitts’ past editorials.  Anyway, my impression of his editorial today is that he is actually AFRAID of Trump, rather than TIRED.  He quoted Larry Wilmore, who said Trump is “dangerous.”  Yes, he is dangerous to Hillary Clinton !  But the amazing thing is that he accused Trump of “brazen mendacity.” when Clinton  has been lying more and  longer than any presidential candidate in history.

So rather than “sitting in agony with your pants unbuckled so your gut can breathe,” which is how Pitts says he covers Trump, and is as stupid as it sounds, why not access your brain and recognize the “brazen” truth in what Trump is trying to get across ?


Joan Miles

Crescent City


One thought on “I’m tired of Leonard Pitts”
  1. I like your letter, Joan. Probably mostly because it agrees with my line of thinking…(Donna can you install emoticons??I need one now)
    So,for that matter,is the current occupant of the Triplicate’s Editor’s office.
    The poor rag shows it too!!
    Dale L. Bohling

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