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By Donna Westfall – May 26, 2016 – Why would anyone vote for someone that has a track record of obliterating the Constitution and not listening to her constituents?

Let’s re-examine Kathryn Murray’s track record before and after she was on the Crescent City, City Council.

In 2007:  As a member of the public, Kathryn Murray was one of three people in favor of spending $42.5 million upgrade to wastewater treatment plant. 200 people of the public in opposition to that pricetag as there was no way less than 3400 ratepayers could afford to repay a loan that turned into $43.8 million.

In 2008:  Councilmember Murray told people collecting signatures in front of the post office to stop what they were doing and that they were wrong and didn’t have all the facts.  Went into the Post Office to complain to the postmaster. Murray clearly not in favor of 1st Amendment rights, freedom of speech and allowing members of the public to redress grievances against the government.

Also May 21, 2012:  Councilmember Murray adamantly in favor of keeping fluoride in the water.  As Mayor, Murray, turned off the microphone on Gini Aland, during public comment and stopped Connie Morrison from speaking about fluoride. Murray clearly not in favor of 1st Amendment rights, freedom of speech, particularly whenever someone disagrees with her.

In 2009: Didn’t like hearing Councilwoman Westfall ask former Public Works Director, Jim Barnts, if he was getting kickbacks on the sewer project.  Recommended censuring of Westfall instead of investigating Barnts.  Murray has a history of supporting and rubber stamping staff recommendations instead of doing her own independent homework. Cannot think for herself.

Keep in mind that the censure process is limited to City Council members only.  Members of the public wanting to call for censure of their council members are not allowed.

In 2010: Councilmember Murray along with three other members of the city council voted to sue Westfall to keep the repeal of the doubled sewer rates off the November ballot.

In 2008 – 2012 – Merchants in the BID district wanted the BID eliminated.  Murray voted to retain the BID.

In 2011:  Murray consistently voted to approve expenditures on the sewer plant including an extra $900,000 to Stover Engineeering and and extra $600,000 in fix-up, painting and furniture bringing the total cost of the sewer plant project over budget and the plant project finished late.

In 2014 – 2015: Councilmember Murray repeatedly voted to raise water and sewer rates even after the Water Quality Control Board eliminated all interest on the loan.

We cannot and will not endorse Kathryn Murray’s candidacy for Supervisor 1st District.  We do not believe she could improve the local economy as she’s already had a proven track record of consistently raising rates on the sewer project that is sure to lead the city and it’s residents into bankruptcy.

Murray’s oft quoted solution to higher rates and BID fees, “If you can’t afford it, move.”

We say it’s time for Kathryn Murray to move out of politics.


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