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San Quentin State Prison inmate was right in pointing out that the “good ole boys” shoot now ask questions later are corruptive practices that have been going on far too long here in Del Norte County.  Newly elected DA Trigg seems to be on point with the “rest” of them.

Civil liberties are being violated daily here in DeL Norte County. Recently a citizen filed a complaint against a deputy officer. On February 19, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. the sheriff’s department sent two thugs down to pick up the citizen who filed the complaint, place him in the back of an unmarked car, sat him down in a small room with video camera’s, without legal representation, advocates or witnesses, and coerced him into signing a paper to withdraw the complaint. Clearly in violation of the Bane Act.

Was this another action thought up by our local District Attorney and County Counsel? We, the people, need to stick together. We pay these elected, as well as every city, county, and state employee with our hard earned tax dollars. There are government codes that provide that these people are to be courteous and professional at all times or suffer the consequences and get fired, Recalled, and lose their pension.

I am ready and able to take on that task of making changes for the better for our county, and I hope everyone in this county is on board. Don’t think for one minute your liberties won’t be taken away because they will.

Linda Sutter

Crescent City, Ca.

  1. I think he is taking full responsibility for his actions, and what I hear him saying is that they are doing the same thing to him that they are doing to everyone else in that county. If a person is poor and has no money to get a lawyer, basically you’re screwed. I see his letter saying that the good ole boys of Del Norte county are screwing him as well as every other person in that county. God help us all.

  2. You can all talk about me but there was a time I wasn’t crazy. It’s my fault. I own up to my stuff. I need help. The good ole boys did everyone wrong. I never got no one on your side of the fence. Just tweekers and menaces to society like me. I’m sorry for that. I beat women. I never used to. I thought guys who couldn’t restrain themselves were punks. Brandy Jacobson who I never hit til the 5th time of going to jail for battery twisted my brain. I would try to protect my child from crazy drug life and she would call her mom, a part time dispatch. She would call her mom a sherrifs deputy, and even if there were witness’s saying I didn’t do nothing, that she attacked me, I would go to jail. I shot dope for alot of years cuz that same woman shot me up. I’m sorry for the things I done. Not being able to protect my child and then him dying in my arms while I was clean and she was spun out screwed me up in the brain. But I know the sherrif’s office ain’t sending there own to prison for misusing there office. To the public, I was young, I was a menace, now I just want to retire from being a thug.

  3. I have to totally agree with Jesse and Nick on this! Where were Michael Loftin’s victim’s rights when he stabbed and shot them, stole from people? Hopefully he’s just one of many more to go! Tired of all the violence and rip offs in our town.

  4. Yeah, we all know what a fine upstanding citizen this ” inmate ” has been over the years. He should have been put away a long time ago. He is a menace to society and needs to own up to his crimes and stop trying to point fingers at everyone else.
    I am glad to see him off the street, how many people did he rob ,stab,shoot before they finally put him away? Id like to thank DA Dale Trigg for doing what our last 2 district atourneys were unable to do, and stop his reign of terror.

    1. I have to 100% agree with you on this. Poor example of a person who’s “rights have been violated”. With him, i can care less. He truly deserves to be in prison, he doesn’t seem to ever learn from his mistakes in life and will probably end up killing somebody when he gets out in a few years or less. (Most likely he’ll be in the news again in less than 2 years)

  5. I HOPE THERE WILL BE CHANGE IN THE FUTURE!! God knowns the Good Old Boys and Friends have been pulling this for years here Del Norte.

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