Sun. May 26th, 2024

A few years ago it was holiday time, I was in my kitchen baking cookies and listening to 94.3 KCRE’s Renee who was encouraging everyone to come down town and experience the magical moment and theme, “Miracle on 3rd street”. I was so jazzed I got into my car and immediately drove downtown. however, the Miracle in which she described and what I saw stood a difference. I thought to myself, it’s a miracle alright, It’s a miracle that no one gets mugged. It was dark with few businesses lit up for Christmas.

 50 years ago, I remember how the small little cow town I use to live in would decorate their city streets. We are talking about a town of 4000, where the feed store was the center of the town. The City would string lights across the street back and forth all the way down the street. there would be bigger than life candy canes lit up and some tinsel along side the lights…it wasn’t much but for little kids it was a big deal and magical. We could say cost is a factor, but with a dollar tree available that sells lots of Christmas decorations for one dollar, I find it hard press that someone can’t afford ten dollars to light up their business window with tinsel and lights.
If only our city would take pride in itself and string lights up and down third street, across the street from light pole to light pole, tinsel each window maybe add some Christmas frosting on the business windows; Or how about having a contest between the businesses, place politics aside, and bring out the spirit of Christmas;which is family, community and the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Linda Sutter
Crescent City, Ca

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