Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

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There are many here whose mother is no longer of this earth, others, whose mother may even be with them in this very place, or perhaps only a state or so away.  There are biological mothers, there are mothers who had to give their child to another, for many different reasons, there were grandparents that raised their grandkids, and then those that would have given almost anything to be a mother, and were never given that gift, that helped with children in whatever way they could to make life better.

I’d like to think today, that no matter if you had a bad relationship with your mother, how nice it would be, to send her a card or give her a call to simply say “I was thinking of you today” and if the thought wasn’t so great, let it surfice to ‘leave it at that’.

My mind goes back across the years, wishing I could speak to my mother again, wishing I could rest within her arms. She is no longer with me and I wish I could say many different things I can only feel in my heart.  I will share them with you, after speaking to others about what they would say to their mother, if they could.  If there were only one hour to spend with her before she was gone forever,  and the choice of only one thing you could say…what would it be?  I offer you these choices.

Thank you Mom

Thank you for the warm security of you, inside your womb, as I  waited those long months for birth, into a world that would not always be kind to either of us

Thank you for that first breath of outside air and the smile you gave me, when they placed me in your arms.  Thanks for all the smiles along the way

Thank you for the hours of sleep you gave up, when I was fretful and perhaps sick, when you paced the floor, and rubbed my little back, when you rocked me and perhaps sang to me.  Thanks for that

Thanks for all those lessons I learned by example, and at times, from the ‘sharp end of your tongue’, as my legs grew further and further …. up from the floor

Thanks you for the tears you must have shed in secret, when it became obvious to me that I was far smarter then you, and  forgot the earlier things in life, like your quiet courage, faithfulness and love…all that for me.  Thanks for that too.

Thanks for the prayers you surely prayed for me, perhaps for my safety, for my health, and perhaps, at times, when you prayed for the strength that would allow you to let me live to become an adult and have my own child. Thank you for having the wisdom to apply some psychology to the ‘seat of my understanding, when you could tolerate my behavior no longer

Thanks for the examples of how you taught me to treat others, and for the work ethic you instilled in me.

How could any amount of money or gifts ever be enough for you, dearest Mother.  Thanks for the faith you had in me, that I could be more then I thought I could be.  Thanks for always believing in me.

Thank you for letting me know I was special and keeping me always in your heart, even as the years increased and we were apart from one another.

Thanks for teaching me the value of honesty

Thanks for teaching me what real love is truly about

Thanks for giving to me, and doing without yourself that I might have more.

The list goes on.  It is a long one.

I’ll simply say, you will never EVER know how much I love you, and I can only hope you know all the reasons why

You are no longer with me, dear mother, but you taught me of a heavenly Father, that would give me love and comfort, and teach me further the ways in which I should walk. Thanks for that as well.

There is an old song normally reserved to honor a mother

M is for the many things you gave me

O means only that you’re growing old

T is for your tender sweet carresses

H is for your heart of purest God

E is for your eyes with love-light shining

R means real, and that you’ll always be

Put them all together, they spell MOTHER

A word that means the world to me

I’d like to say “Thank you Mother”

By the way “I LOVE YOU”

(Life is good)

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