Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Well, we all know Mr. Wilson is pro 2nd amendment, quote: “I will never take a firearm away from a citizen in my community,” in accord with what he states on one of  his many  very popular you-tube videos.

He fails to mention that he doesn’t  monitor and manage his subordinates whom he is paid to do so, that are perpetrating  these crimes on citizens within this community.  The old adage comes to mind: ” When the cat’s away , the mice will play,” and in this case its the theft and pillaging perpetrated by these rogue officers of his upon citizens of our community, evidently with no consequences.

The “Blackhawk Pistol” debacle published in www.crescentcitytimes.com on-line newspaper poignantly comes to mind here. Covered up for the longest time it was, by Wilson and his regime, only surfacing by the light of day, when the victim was forced to pursue his rights and sue the sheriff’s department  exposing their crimes. Yet  Wilson continued failing  to reprimand and eliminate the culprits he is paid to monitor,  that were responsible.  Mr. Wilson seems to be completely disconnected with what is transpiring in his community.   His officers egregious conduct, as well as finding a ”means” of running Del Norte Sheriffs Department “remotely,” with all his political pontificating about the country, absent from the county mostly, is my opinion and belief.

Mr.  Wilson either doesn’t care about curing the problems in his department;  isn’t willing to properly spend the time to remedy them , or worse, condones this egregious behavior and actions by a handful  of rogue officers has evolved into over the period of Mr. Wilson’s tenure. Be honest with yourselves, do you really think Mr. Wilson having the opportunity of yet another term, would actually correct and solve these grave issues , after all of his previous and successive terms, not having done so?

I plead for the welfare of the community; objectively research this candidate, and the many numerous complaints and lawsuits his rogue officers under his regime have  caused and cost their victims, the  county and taxpayer before you vote.

We should not have to fear some of the ”bad apples” in an otherwise decent department whom were sworn to protect and serve, only conducting themselves in contrast with subversiveness, nor ”settle” for the lack of service and degree of disdain some of the departments’ officers exhibit.

Ed Hanson

Crescent City, Ca.

One thought on “More on Sheriff Wilson”
  1. Sheriff Wilson needs to give it up. My father Frank Benjamin guns were missing from the property room. I believe Wilson let my fathers guns to be taken out of the evidence room by someone that was there. 120 guns. Where are they Sheriff Wilson? Then if that was not enough 7 burglaries at my home while I owned 344 North Pebble Beach Dr., and no arrests were made even though I told them who was doing it. Seems like anytime I made a report it was ignored. Maybe tell me why co-op weed dealer Patty gets free deal from Sheriff? Now I have been hurt again by a burglary on my storage unit at Benner Storage. I believe it was by a couple I know that took thousands of dollars worth of appliances and 5 flat screens TVs. Wilson quit kissing babies and do your police work. I have moved away to get away from corruption in Del Norte County.

    Apperson is better on crime. Wilson should get a job as a Walmart greeter. Vote for change – Erik Apperson for Sheriff!!

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