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My letter to Eric Taylor dated February 10, 2017 has gone without remedy or response.

1.)  The problems with the gopher hole settlements still exist at my designated spot.  They are hazardous and of great concern to me.  NO corrective action has been taken.

2.)  The pedestal lighting is still broken at my site. It flashes on and off all night.  It is distracting, annoying and not functioning properly. No action has been taken to fix or repair.

3.)  There is currently a small lake in front of my space.  The condition of the road around the park is unchanged.  The deplorable condition still exists.  this condition was acknowledged by Jason Wylie of the Public works Dept. in my phone conversation with him on Tuesday, March 7th.

4.)  In the last 2 1/2 weeks there has been ONE day of work on the bathrooms/showers.  They are still closed.  The only work having been done this last Saturday March 4th when a plumber was working for the day.  When I attempted to speak with the plumber at the end of the day to ask him about his progress, I was accosted by the park manager and accused of “harassing” him.  Who was harassing who?

The letter I sent you on February 10 was subsequently published in the March 2 edition of the Triplicate in the Letters to the Editor. In what I believe to be targeted retribution, just coincidentally, on the same day, the animal control officer served me at my space with a “warning notice” about my dog having not been leashed.  The form was already filled out upon his arrival.  Coincidentally, he failed to site my two neighbors who both have dogs and have been given numerous verbal warnings by the park manager about their “unleashed” dogs.

At the City Council meeting of Monday, March 6, which I attended and just coincidentally, four days after my letter appeared in the Triplicate YOU, Mr. Taylor personally served me with a “30 day notice to quit” in regards to my tenancy at the Shoreline RV Park.  As there was no reason given on the notice for my eviction, when I asked you for the reason for my being evicted, your response was, and I quote, “you’re a problem.”  I find your actions/response unprofessional, inadequate and most disturbingly “RETALIATORY”.

Your actions or inactions as the case may be in regards to the conditions that have existed at the Shoreline RV Park for at least the last 3 months and to me personally, constitute an egregious abuse of power, unprofessional behavior unbefitting a public employee, senior discrimination and most disturbingly “RETALIATORY”.

Though very inconvenient, I will do my best to look for another place to stay in Crescent City.  I currently have an offer on a property in Crescent City but your actions have caused me to reconsider my wish to relocate here.  Additionally, I would encourage the city to investigate the “no check” but cash payments with only a hand written receipt as proof of cash payment.  As well as a possible conflict of interest your relationship IE: hiring of the park manager and your mutual car dealings.  A brief look at the internet postings about the part are most telling.

W. C. Pillsbury, Jr.

Crescent City, Calif.







2 thoughts on “No remedies, No response regarding problems at Shoreline RV Park”
  1. Not surprised about the harrasement at Shoreline after reading about the usual suspects involved. Small loophole called 1st amendment should protect you from the ilk of city managers and drunken retaliatory managers. I have been exposed to a criminally insane felon who was related to managers and they let him even loose in the park. He went to state hospital for the insane after committing arson but not before terrorizing rv park campers at Shoreline.
    I WILL HAPPILY TESTIFY AS A WITNESS TO THE HARRASSEMENT AT THE HANDS OF Charlie and His wife who should not be mangers in the first place. A woman of Odor was mistreated there and a woman shot herself in the head there suicide in part because she was reluctant to ask management for help. RIP Billy.

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