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I delivered this small speech today to the Board of Supervisors.  I did this because the ‘chair-person’ refused to honor the request of our county supervisor, Roger Gitlin… to put on the agenda, a request for opening the meeting with a non-denominational prayer.  The supreme court has ruled that governmental meetings may be opened in this manner, and that is it NOT un-constitutional. This person refused to put it on the agenda, as the by-laws say may be done after approaching the ‘chair-person’ with the request.  I feel this is not right and stuck to my belief in the 1st amendment and my freedom of speech. Other counties have been doing this for some time now, and I think it would be wonderful to have it done in our own county supervisor meetings.  Mr. Gitlin has asked that I send you a copy of my little ‘speech’. I don’t want us to lose yet another ‘right’ in the world of today.


 The morning of may 27th, I stood up for what I believed in.

My name is Vickey Stamps.  I am a 24 year resident of this county.  It is my understanding that the Supreme Court has decided that non-denominational prayer before a ‘govermental meeting’ IS constitutional.  Yet when our Del Norte Country supervisor Roger Gitlin, asked the chairman to put that concept for a non-denominational prayer to open up a supervisors meeting, onto the agenda,  when according to protocol, it can be put on  ….  once the chairman has been approached about it.  I understand that the ‘item’ was refused for today’s agenda. Am I being discriminated about because I believe in prayer, opposed to those who are not?  Is this a form of harrassement?  HUMMMM???  I’ve been wondering.  My big question is this…with all that is going on to change and distract us from that which is right and good in our world, why do we continue to shove our Creator out of it?  I  would applaud it  being seriously considered, and hoping it would be voted on and accepted unanimously.  I deplore the fact it was  apparently felt unworthy of acceptance as part of the agenda.  I am sick to death of everyone being afraid we will OFFEND someone.  Well, folks, I am offended myself that this issue is not on today’s agenda, whatever the rationale for such reaction was.   If I don’t want to hear something like a non-denominational prayer, I can darn sure put my hands over my ears or stick my fingers in them.  I can leave the room if I don’t like what is said…or like me….I can complaint.   Our country was based on faith and prayer.  I am nearly 74 years old and what I’m seeing happen all over my country gives me cause to  worry  about what our future will be for the children who follow our footsteps.  I’d love to see this issue of non-denominational prayer be put on the next agenda for a vote, and I hope people will come and fill this room to overflowing and make their voices heard, so we don’t lose yet another right.  Thank  you.  God Bless America


Vickey Stamps

Crescent City, CA 95531



2 thoughts on “Opening Board of Supervisors Meetings With Prayer”
  1. We as people of the United States have rights . You’re right, Jesse Salisbury, is to sit in the chair while others stand while praying. But not to stop others that have the same rights as you. I think you are acting very selfish to request others to have their rights stopped because of your lack of belief.

  2. I am not a religious person. I feel my rights are being affected when my government forces any religion on me in a public forum. I think that ” in god we trust should be removed from our ” godless currency ” that ” one nation under god ” should be replaced by ” one nation under Law ”
    Religion is very divisive, the doesnt seen to be enough for peace love and togethernes,
    Only war hate and division.
    If you want to pray before a meeting , knock your socks off ( but don’t do it at a government meeting and expect me to be okay with it.
    Remember Mathew 6:5 — “And whenever you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to stand in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they will be seen by people. I tell all of you with certainty, they have their full reward..
    Stop being hypocrites ,and keep religion out of the peoples busines!

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