Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Last year I lost my husband and also lost a good portion of my income.  If it weren’t for family helping out, I wouldn’t be able to stay in my home.

I won’t bother going to City Council meetings because I don’t think they care what I have to say. If they did care, they wouldn’t be putting the burden of our expensive sewer system on the backs of the ratepayers.  We’re paying more than our fair share because we’re not supposed to pay for expansion.  As far as I can see, every time I drive past the sewer plant, all I can think about is they built themselves a new plant at our expense.  This wasn’t about a little expansion.  I may be a senior but I’m not that gullible.

Now that I know Donna Westfall is handling the protest against this newest sewer rate increase, I’m going to sit down and have a good visit with her.  She’s the only one that ever listened to me. One of these days we’re going to win the protest.  Then the City will have to look somewhere else for their money. 

Fair is Fair.  The City does not play fair.

Patricia Holcombe

Crescent City, Ca. 95531

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