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Anneliese’s Poetry and Story Collection

By Anneliese Ude Pestel

Translated from German into English by Nicola Grobe

“The utopian principal hope will only become true when wolf and sheep embrace one another in love.” Michael Mathias Prechtl

“If it was so, could it be so;

yet sneak in there doubts.

How should this miracle come about?

Only through transformation could this be achieved.”

Anneliese Ude Pestel



There are many beautiful places in this world, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica belongs to those. Thomas Mann has also lived here for several years.

It is not a large spot of Earth, yet situated high, one has from here a wide sight over the large ocean. Especially the evenings with the gorgeous sunsets are an unforgettable nature show. There is a small palm garden with white benches which invite for a rest. Yes, of this shall this little story talk: From resting, better yet from sleeping for one whole night under one’s own primitive blankets under those benches whose seat areas offer protection against wetness from the top because of their solidness.

To the center of my story: Towards a very late hour when the life had almost settled, a small group with warming utensils gathered here, only for the night and they bedded themselves warmly wrapped under those white benches: The homeless people.

Thus transformed itself this little palm garden high above the ocean over night like into a large bed under the sparkling star sky, and the fresh ocean breeze made the breathing become a pleasure. Ach, I had to think, when the life of all those sleeping persons had already taken such a pitiful course, then they have at least found a beautiful spot here.

But, oh shock, one evening all was vacated, and the explanation for that I found on a large posted sign with the writing: Over night loitering not permitted by law. Violators will be penalized. The police.

I sat down for a moment on one of the benches and remained with my feelings about the poor banished persons.

But, what did I see there?

Not far from me sat a man, leaned against a palm tree and very calmly and contently looking into the distance, the night utensils scattered around him. I walked over to him to tell him how sad it yet was that he had lost this beautiful place.

Now came a big surprise:

He kept eye contact and responded: “Oh, no Madam, no Madam, I found already a wonderful place with a roof over my head.”

Then a moment of silence, then: “You know what?  There is space for two.” He waited longer until he continued. His facial expression changed into a very faint smile, then an offer with only four friendly words: “You can have it!”

And there I wondered and said to myself:  Don’t forget it! Even the homeless people give away sometimes also yet – roses.

And there I wondered!




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