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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – September 10, 2021

President Biden has declared war on me…And 80 million of us healthy, mostly Republican, many rural folks who have made the choice not to be vaccinated for the questionable Covid 19 virus.

Me? I’m a 74 year old healthy, retired Del Norte County Supervisor, law-abiding, Constitutionally- respectful American citizen who did his research on the Covid virus and made the choice not to be vaccinated. My choice!

Now, president Biden has declared War on me.

He pledges to do everything in and out of his power to MANDATE me to take the shot, make my life complicated and challenging, AND given his way, will shred the Constitution, like last week’s Triplicate classifieds.

How will this runaway, drunk-with-power career politician know who we ALL are …

ALL 80 million of us? He could follow the National Socialist Nazi Party and have us wear an identifying insignia UNVACCINATED, like the Jews were compelled to wear during Hitler’s reign of terror, 1933-1945. He COULD do that given president Biden’s lack of knowledge of that piece of parchment written 240 years ago.

In Del Norte County, Biden could deputize all members of the City Council and Board of Supervisors, and State Senator Mike McGuire to act as Gestapo lieutenants to round us all up and ask Public Health Officer Aaron Stutz to stick us with the vaccine, like it not. After all, this vaccine is for our own good.

These power-hungry messengers of misery have zero measure for we conservatives.

What astounds me is how so many of you are so willing to give up these precious rights millions fought for and so many died in War so we can enjoy the freedoms these incredibly brave men and women made when they made the ultimate sacrifice.

It saddens me to see so many of you, 75% of America who took at least one injection, yet so many of you have zero tolerance for the 25% who’ve made another choice.

Senator Mike McGuire

Opportunistic politicians like McGuire blame unvaccinated rural Californias for the spike in Covid 19 cases.

R I D I C U L O U S .

City appointed Councilor Ray Altman professed his love for us by telling the ZOOM audience, ” We don’t want to see you get sick and die.” Thanks, Mr. Altman, WE do need your pyric advice on what’s best for us. Please take your nanny mentality and start fixing potholes on City streets.

Well, now that I’ve declared my unvaccinated status, I guess I can expect a knock on my door, telling me to wear this badge and get on the train, per Biden’s Executive Order.

As of today, 46.7% of Del Norters remain unvaccinated. Follow your instincts, folks. Those who are exerting enormous pressure on you to vaccinate, offering to pay you to test, and now the president has declared war on you, may not have your best interests at heart.

19 thoughts on “President Biden has declared war on me…”
  1. Roger-

    Would it not be prudent and logical to round these people up first?

    If the situation is as grim as it seems, and we the people are simply waiting for a command on high before the supervisors and health officials of this community greenlight rounding people up either for forced vaccination or a trip to a “quarantine camp”, then preempitve action may be the only rational solution.

    -Simultaneously instantiate a Citizen’s Tribunal, an interim government, and a Citizen’s Militia.
    -Staff the Interim government in preparation to maintain the critical functions of the county and city, and file grievances with all pertinent national and international bodies.
    -Have the Tribunal deputize citizens and arm them.
    -Place the city council, the county supervisors, Public Health Officer Aaron Stutz, and any other responsible parties under citizen’s arrest and hold them in protective custody.
    -Have the Tribunal provide an efficient and speedy trial and prosecute the responsible parties for violation of constitutional and natural rights, as well as violations of the Nuremburg codes.
    -If found guilty of crimes against humanity, ensure a public execution that is televised and dispersed to every available outlet across the Internet.
    -Rewrite the charters of both the city and the county in order to reflect an acknowledgement of the Inalienable Right of Choice as it pertains to an individual’s bodily autonomy.
    -Ensure that both charters reflect an extreme limitation on the powers of the community’s governing bodies (including all health and law-enforcement entities), even during times of emergency, “pandemic”, or any other possible circumstance.
    -Ensure each charter greatly enhances transparency, fiscal accountability, and citizen oversight mechanisms.
    -Hold new elections to refill all pertinent offices, then dissolve the interim government.

  2. I gather the vaccine is the real sticking point. If there was ever a way to divide the middle class in western civilization, this has finally rung the bell. The analogy of being labelled a Jew is not a far cry from being labelled not vaccinated. The identification was used to distinguish a group within society. Roger clearly states that it could be used to “round -up” the the non-vaccinated, not cattle car them into incinerators. However, it is a point well taken. Mournfully, the people in the neighborhood who have been swayed to believe the cause of Covid death is due to their neighbor who is NOT comfortable regarding the mRNA vaccine, is very telling. Why not tell your President to keep the unvaccinated from flooding our country. Why not Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or other means to prevent or prohibit the spread. The most injected nation is Israel and still there is rising infection rates. To tell someone to shut up is rude and disrespectful.

  3. How dare you pull a Marjorie Taylor Greene and suggest this is anything at all like the Nazis annihilating the Jews. Your favorite Republican governors are sacrificing their constituents by lying to them. Here the unvaccinated are sacrificing themselves along with their families and friends. Grow up.

    1. I will remind you that the Jewish population was first identified by special “J” passports 1939. The Nazis did not start the mass exterminations of the Holocaust in Concentration Camps; but in hospitals with the T-4 program which also started in 1939. Those deemed “Unfit to Live” because of genetic abnormalities were euthanized by SS Doctors and Nurses in the new nationalized German Red Cross. The job was first done with syringes and later during transport to “Special Treatment” facilities aboard “Mercy Buses,” which were sealed and pumped full of carbon monoxide. The T-4 Program ultimately led to the development of Zyklon B nerve gas that was later used in Concentration Camp showers for mass extermination. During the implementation of the T-4 Program, only those SS Doctors and Nurses involved in the killings knew of the program. Other medical professionals were assigned to duties elsewhere.

      Do you know precisely what the contents of these Covid vaccines are? Do the doctors or nurses administering these vaccines know the contents of the vaccines? Can we really trust our Big Pharma corporations? The man who has been the prime focus of our medical knowledge about Covid-19 has been exposed as being complicit with funding the development of the virus at the research facility in Wuhan China via the NIH during testimony before Congress. The only reason that Dr. Anthony Fauci has not been jailed for lying to Congress is obfuscation, the definition for “Gain of Function Research” was recently changed! I believe that Fauci and others in the CDC and WHO will face charges for Crimes Against Humanity for the development and release of Covid; crimes that took many more lives than Dr. Mengele and the rest of the Nazi butchers of World War II.

      Our medical establishment IS NOT concerned about the spread of Covid. If they were, every illegal immigrant crossing the border would have been tested and vaccinated. Instead, they are shipped at government expense throughout the USA regardless of infection.

      I believe in free choice, and if you wish to take the Covid vaccines, more power to you. Personally, I do not trust Big Pharma, and would not take their vaccines on a bet; even if bribed, or intimidated. I hope I am wrong, because many of my own family have taken the vaccine; but considering the people backing the mandates and the extent of force used to spread the poke, I believe this is yet another biological weapon.

      1. Please just stop. There is no hope for the conservatives of Crescent City. Mr. Gitlin blocked me after one short day of differing opinion. There is no interest on your part of learning or hearing anything different than your conspiracy theories. Good luck to you.

        1. Denise-

          Rather than argue in the comment section or on Facebook, I suggest you write your own piece for the Crescent City Times explaining your position.

  4. Thank you, Roger Gitlin, in what you said today. I too am sick at all of this horrible
    “mandating” stuff “for our own good.” I realize and understand other’s points of view, but my point of view is also valid. I too have researched and tried to separate fact from media fiction and am alarmed that my view doesn’t count. Only the “vaccination” counts. No one mentions natural immunity nor special cases. It is all about, “no matter what–you must be vaccinated!!” Never mind that there are remedies for this virus. “If it isn’t approved by the FDA, etc. etc. then what you think or say doesn’t count.” I am sick of being put in the category of “the unvaxed”, the group that is marked as uncaring, not following the science, stubborn, unwilling to help friends and neighbors, not facing reality…… I very much care for loved ones and those in our community. I understand those that are pushing the “vaccine” just want to do their very best for themselves and the community and, most of all, loved ones. I understand. Yet, I don’t want to be vaccinated. I don’t trust all of this and I don’t want to be a sheep that follows without understanding. If taking the vaccine would help anyone, I would take it, even if the adverse results harmed me. I honestly don’t think that my taking the vaccine would help anyone–but could harm me. Respectfully, Renate

  5. Mr. Gitlin could you be a little less dramatic? I’m sure you have other vaccines, flu shots, H1N1, TB, Pneumonia how about annual blood tests?
    Your old enough to remember the fear your mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather went through when Polio was killing young, old and everyone in between…it didn’t decide who lived or died. What saved so many lives then? A vaccine. What did so many families choose to do? Take the fricken vaccine? Did they freak out and blame the government for violating their rights? NO! Why? Because they were not being crying dumb adult babies blubbering about “my rights, my rights, my rights…”So they didn’t get to a point the government had to make tough decisions to tell Adult US Citizens to take responsibility or the government would.
    Get over yourself, get over your “rights”, you have stomped your foot long enough in this community and you have roared your mouth way to long, give it a rest! Do what is actually “right” either get your vaccine or SHUT UP, because I am tired of seeing so many amazing and wonderful people thinking like you, they are dying. What they have different than you, is they have actually done something for this community and this world and yet they listened to stupid people like you and they didn’t get vaccinated, got COVID, suffered miserably until their last drowning ventilated breath.

      1. You would. Sheep flock together.

        “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
        -Benjamin Franklin

        1. You crack me up. You call us sheep and there you all are spewing the same conspiracy theories, the same narratives, taking the same horse de-wormer and now gargle with betadine, and don’t forget hydroxychloroquine.

          1. Oh, I thought you were done?

            I find it amusing that you cower at the challenge of explaining your position, but you will loaf around in a limp-wristed attempt to insult and strongarm those with an opinion that differs with yours.


            Next time your spell-check software assists you in cobbling together the word “conspiracy”, I suggest you take advantage of a dictionary and educate yourself on what that word really means.

          2. You are right. Calling you sheep is insulting to the animals that bear that name.

            Henceforth, I shall you refer to morons such as yourself as “Sheeple”.

            I look forward to your future sob-story about your struggles with blood clots. Why don’t you go ahead and inject a few extra vaccines into that thick head of yours for the rest of us?

    1. Clearly you have an over inflated sense of your self and what you think you know. I don’t know if this will help you, but many older generation folks have never been vaccinated for anything. Our childhood was over before vaccines were widely distributed in public schools. Polio was not something our parents obsessed over, nor was small pox, whooping cough, or any of the other viruses that routinely afflicted small portions of the over all population. The flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox, and assorted other viruses moved through populations until no one continued to be Ill. Face mask, social distancing, lock downs, were unheard of. Until medical treatments improved, most folks dealt with life as it came. Nobody obsessed over things like viruses like people have done with Covid. Many folks even now, do not avail themselves of annual flu vaccines, preferring natural immunity which can last for many years. Getting blood drawn is removing something, not injecting something in you, a vast difference for those that do not vaccinate.
      I will pass on pointing out how rude your comments were inlight of your obvious ignorance of how things were pre vaccines. As far as the government “stepping in” even then you and your children retain a choice over whether you wished to be vaccinated. Nobody talks much about it, but back in the early stages of vaccine development there were many issues with vaccines that were only revealed after general use occurred. It wasn’t as if vaccines were an immediate golden ticket to virus subjugation and the savior of the health world. Problems with some vaccines continue to exist right up to present day Covid vaccines.
      Nobody has a guarantee on immortality, no matter how wonderful and caring a person might be. We all die at some point. The people we lose should be held close to our heart. We should not be obsessing over how they died. No one, no matter how much they “stomp their foot” should be able to control how you pass. Get over yourself and live your life. No one is saying you can’t be vaccinated, so why should anyone have a say if you decide not to vaccinate? Besides, if you trust in vaccination and do so, what do you have to worry about. Seems like you should take care of yourself and then mind you own affairs.

  6. Covid testing is not free, and costs can run $100; that is $400 per month. Who pays the cost, the employee or the taxpayers? Our governments, Federal State and Local, have a Devils deal with the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma. You were right at the onset Thomas, this is delusional; but also as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Mass psychosis has taken root in those lobotomized by television programming. It was scientifically proven clear-back in 1969 that after one minute of consuming Television, the viewer’s conscious state switches from Alpha to Beta, where their capacity for logic and critical thinking ceases to function. We are quite literally surrounded by a mass of delusional brainwashed electro-monkeys that are driven by programmed emotion instead of reason.

  7. It is reaching the point of mass hysteria……The unvaxed are the new lepers in our society..but the question is…..who is spreading what, is it the vaxed that are spreading, or is it the unvaxed. Apparently when you receive the vaccine you then can transmit the virus to others, even though you did not have the virus prior to being vaxed…..so are the unvaxed the spreaders……and what are they afraid of……after all, they have been vaxed and are protected……or are they……apparently not, and the thinking is that now, they need boosters, and boosters for the boosters, and so on and on and on……so if the jab doesn’t protect you then why take a chance on an experimental vaccine? I wonder how long it will take or how many boosters will it take until you have destroyed your immunity system completely, and now the common cold becomes deadly to you. Also, what is wrong with the approach of taking a drug that has been around for years and years with a proven safety record that can effectively kill the virus…..I mean……Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin…..both have proven effective in treating the virus and are being used by numerous countries as their front line defense…..but….but…..the government will not let you get them easily…..your doctor will not prescribe them, although some will, the informed ones……but don’t worry, you can get a prescription for it from a front line doctor or order the drugs from an overseas pharmacy. And now the City in all it’s wisdom will require mandatory testing for all employees, vaxed or unvaxed at a cost in lost productivity to the tax payers, you know the ones that pay their salaries. Why would you require testing of vaccinated employees if the vaccine works and they can not be carriers? So it will go like this……forced testing, then a false positive or a positive, then forced quarantine of all that were in contact, and the insane wheel will keep spinning, and more get quarantined…..meanwhile the payroll goes on and on, at your expense, and the city becomes less maintained than it currently is, and if we can quarantine our police force, then no protection…..You see how this works……This is bad management which will result in the further deterioration of your community…….This is how your city is being run….maybe it’s time for a change

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