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Regarding the minimum age for Sunset High school. I have emails from Don Olson dating back to March 26, 2014, stating that in fact there was a student attending Sunset directly from Redwood School at age 14.  She has no learning difficulties, isn’t a parent, homeless, nor behind in credits, but was permitted to enroll and attend.  I am bringing this date, our emails, and this situation up in general, because, my daughter has a 504.  I contacted the state before Mr. Olson to ask if my daughter could be enrolled into a continuation high school with her 504 in place.  We felt that there would be more one on one with her subjects due to Sunset’s 15:1 ratio.  They said that the superintendent in our district could make that decision.  Right away I contacted Mr. Olson with my request only to be told that she had to be 16, homeless, pregnant, or behind in credits.  However my daughters friend was already attending at age 14.

Mr. Olson has no intention of helping my child out with her special needs.  We were shut down immediately. I figure due to the fact that they are being investigated for their practices within this district already initiated by myself, with genuine concern for my children attending these area schools.  With this being said, I find it odd that in March he simply could of endorsed her to attend Sunset, and now May 28th 2014 it is put forth as law that we as parents have to abide by. I find this outrageous and down right criminal.  I will not take this laying down. I will fight for what is right for my children, and other children in this county.

Shawna Fairgood

Crescent City ca 95531



One thought on “Problems With School Superintendent Olson”
  1. This is just another problem Don Olson and the School Board ar choosing to over look! First is was the Bulling going on in the district–which the Sate of California is looking into and the district choose to over look what was going on! Now it is not helping students with learning problems! The state of California says “no child is to be left behind”, so whats the problem to have a student attend Sunset to help them get a education?? I have been told there is a large drop out rate at the local High School, could it be the students need more help there?? So the district wants students with 504’s to wait two years to get the help they need to get their education—could that be one of the problems there is a high drop out at High School. I though my taxs dollars were to be spent to educate the kids, so whats the problem with this School District to step up and get the job done??? Must parents have to file a complaint with the State of California to get Don Olson and our elected School Board to get them to do the job they were elected for?

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