Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
  In  a wry  twist  of  historic irony  radioactive winds blow and invisible death approaches our shores from the Land of The Rising Sun.
It is reported that a plume of radioactive  water is moving towards Pacific Northwest  beaches  even as you read this . Readings vary of course but there is small  comfort in what your geiger counter tells you.
    Within days of the structure -shattering earthquake that hit the Daichii reactor radioactivity appeared in the milk of cows in far away New Jersey. Fractional amounts have wafted abroad  on windborne currents  for nearly 3 years now  while  flotsam from the Texas sized debris field slowly churn in the North Pacific Gyre. Our shores have greeted some of that flotsam  as witnessed by the early  arrival of a fully intact boat from  the stricken Japanese harbor.
    Media reports are virtually silent on the impending catastrophe in America and particularly on the area nearer the ongoing event ,the Pacific Northwest.The fishing industry will be devastated as the Pacific Ocean dies. Utter and total destruction of sea life awaits as  the line of standing dominoes  begins to fall.Several months ago Anchovies swarmed into the Monterey area as they desperately attempted to evade their  radioactive environment only to fall prey to a feeding frenzy by the unprecedented gathering of  dolphins ,sea lions,pelicans and other winged predators.Now I read an article that claims Sardines have died off in what let’s hope is not an extinction event. The material written  above may be checked out on on your internet.Specifically “ Plume with graphs and video” as well as” /general 96 plume. html” ( for data on the Radiation Plume).
    Connecting the above written dots to our current drought would not seemingly be relevant but while you are connected to  type in “Radioactive Pacific Winter Storm”  and follow the information presented.While the article does not specifically say so it it implies that the normal winter Pineapple Express has been dammed by a high pressure “wall” to preclude the spread of concentrated radiation to our Sierra snow packs and beyond.Again that implies that it is humanly  possible to install a high pressure system-which it is.How?
    To have that claim substantiated you can ,again using your computer google in High Auroral Active Project(HAARP) for an introduction to the subject as well as the site Weatherwars for an explanation of the HAARP/chemtrail connection.The combination  of   the two aspects of geo-engineering of the planet’s weather is capable of inducing mega storms  or drought,earthquakes,vulcanism and , in many cases pushing the jet stream down on or near the planet’s surface. A good reference to the subject is a book titled Angels Don’t Play This HAARP by author Nick Begich. AS indicated by President Obama in a recent shocking addressing  the subject of
geo engineering which  has been ongoing for decades and it’s time to reveal it to the people.You may ask why this hasn’t been presented to the general public long before now. I have asked the same question and the simple answer is we had no need to know,who are we?  Nontheless I’m glad it is finally admitted to by the about it on chemtrail geoengineering-systems protect americas –climate-says obama/.
    One more dot remains to be connected bringing us back to the editor’s question regarding “Who’s Water Is It”? alluding  to the U.N.’s attempt to outlaw the private collection of rainwater.It has gone so far as to pass muster in the Assembly and the Senate of California. Wisely, Governor Brown vetoed this actual attempt via legislation to criminalize the simple act of capturing rainwater (see California legislative activity Rainwater Capture AB 275 introduced by the Santa Ana Democrat Solorio and passed by  the entire legislature before being vetoed by Governor Brown.)
     There is an insidious  and dark  side to all the seemingly disparate elements of this article if the conspiracy theorists are right.viz,
the controlling of the American citizens by way of food and water,a la  the movie The Hunger Games.Food will become scarce under drought conditions . We are entering the calamitous situation of rapidly diminishing water. Perhaps the game is well underway.
Dale L.Bohling
Crescent City, Ca
  1. You are SO right on. And…People are too complacent about chemtrails, or ANY of the covert activities in which our government is involved. It is “in bed” with companies such as Monsanto to whom the people lost a court case regarding their unscrupulous takeover of the our food sources: “No food shall be grown that we don’t own”. It is all mind boggling that a generation who was SO adamant about stopping the Vietnam war and who marched on government steps could now stoop to such a low realm along with their offspring. We need people to unite and wake up about the reality of what is going on in this country and the world. Geo-engineering and climate control are the next step to taking over everything. Fear, “terrorism”…and “natural” disasters are an easy way to control the populace. Control of food, water, and weather will get’m every time!

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