Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Re:  Vote to oppose State of Jefferson

Book’em Dan-O.

Fire them all and start over;

Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law ; publicly humiliate each and
every member by pointing out the mass hysteria atmosphere under which they conducted
this action, the horrendously poor judgment they individually and as a group exercised, and
point out that due to the inappropriateness of this event they should not be allowed
to be in a position to affect the entire school system, teachers, students in whole or
in part.
Not only do they not represent competent leadership but are an abomination
and insult to the general population of the county of Del Norte.
Jaime Yarbrough
Crescent City, Ca.
2 thoughts on “School Board Makes Big Mistake Opposing Measure A”
  1. Wow. The vitriol of this diatribe is one of the reasons I am against the mentality of the group forming this Jefferson movement. I think the school board brought up some valid points that need further investigation and to slam them for doing their job and protecting the interest of public education is petty and narrow in thought. Maybe this attitude of killing the messenger because they have a different message is one thing pushing people away from the idea of a new state. I know it put me off. How can I listen to new ideas if none are presented with information to back them up? Belittling people for not wanting to vote against their best interest is a FOX tactic not worthy of public discussion. If you have a better idea, let’s hear it, but not just a wet dream laundry list of what a group of elites wish they could get their hands on. In the pamphlet I recently received I saw a lot of wishful thinking and rhetoric, but little hard fact and solid information. People don’t want to just jump off and hope for the best. And to be persuaded means having information, not a scolding because we don’t want corporate interests to come in here and destroy our natural resources with the hope that a few jobs will be available to a select group of people. And our area is not the only place in California that’s “different.” It’s a large and diverse state and the whole of it is not L.A.. Maybe better representation is order rather than a new group of people who have no idea what they’re doing. Without information on the nuts and bolts of forming a new state that seems to be absent in any discussion I’ve heard, the “we’ll figure it out when we get there” mentality just doesn’t cut it. Present an actual PLAN that has all the research done and all the questions answered and then maybe you’ll have a leg to stand on. Shooting the messenger for providing some factual information is not a plan.

  2. and that ladies and gentlemen is another example of extreme fanatic opinion and take over. which the double crossing yellow bellies would like to succeed in doing. More of the same if del norte votes for Jefferson state

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