Sun. May 19th, 2024

My husband and I met Jon Alexander in 2006 and we have to say that he is a very kindhearted and dedicated man who is on a path to bring justice and fairness into our world. He wants all beings, animals and humans to be free from suffering. We supported him and campaigned for him to become DA. He succeeded and he did a marvelous job. He brought animal horder people to justice and impounded their suffering animals. We desperately need Jon Alexander to be the DA in this region because of the amount of animal horders living in Del Norte County. If we allow peer pressure to sway us to abandon Jon Alexander during this critical situation then it will be our own fault if Del Norte County remains the last unadvanced state of California. Why not join the other progressive states of California which have made California what it is today?

Instead of turning a blind eye to this situation and giving in to the popular opinion about him, why don’t we start today and ask some serious questions? For example: Why have so many people in Crescent City been against him even long before this Monica Lewinsky type of thing? Why were they against him? Has Jon Alexander brought justice to the animals and humans who are part of the not so wealthy? Has Jon Alexander helped those who can’t speak for themselves and in the process stepped on a corporate and corpulent conflict of interest type of person’s financial interest? Has the corpulent and conflicted persona (or personae) conspired together with the group of interest conflicted coalition (of whom there are apparently many in Crescent City) to find a way to “get” him on something? Did they look at the convicted persons and choose a hot chick among them? Did they tell the hot chick that if she talks to Jon Alexander and tape records her conversation with him her charges will then be dropped? Did they pay the hot chick for doing this? Doesn’t this sound familiar to the Bill Clinton trap? Has any of you ever thought about the possibility that Bill Clinton was actually deliberately trapped by this? Are any of you men out there who judge Jon Alexander free of the “sin” of being charmed by a girl? Anybody free of this hormonal circuit go ahead and judge.

Conclusion: Jon Alexander hasn’t done anything that justifies him being forced to resign. On the contrary, he has helped a lot of animals and humans to be freed from suffering. I am asking everybody who has a good heart to help Jon Alexander be freed from all charges against him, to be reinstated as the DA of Del Norte County and to be repaid for the time since the suspension.

Nicola Grobe

Crescent City, Ca.

  1. A very passionate and wise man once said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

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