Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

I would like to tell my fellow citizens that my doctor has moved to Brookings, Oregon and I followed her even though I continue to live in Del Norte County.

I’m a retired nurse and was more than satisfied with her practice, along with being very dissatisfied with practices I saw at Sutter Coast Hospital ruled by Sutter Health actions and policies.

Examples like procedures not being done or no cardiac doctors which is extremely dangerous for patients who are in a critical condition.

Recently, after a routine blood test, my doctor called me at home and told me I needed a blood transfusion immediately and asked where I wanted to go.

Sutter Coast Hospital is 2 miles from my home.  Gold Beach is an hour from my home.

I chose to drive to Gold Beach because I would not have any procedure done where the policy makers hide behind closed doors, as is done by Sutter Health.  Gold Beach offered me choices, kept me in the loop with my lab results.  When I left I knew what treatments I had had, the do’s and don’ts, and when and what medicines to take.  I left Gold Beach knowing I had been treated by a competent staff.  I felt confident that I would be alright and I felt cared for.

There was no discussion about how much money they made, or that the treatment couldn’t be done because they couldn’t afford it, or how many beds were available.

Friends and neighbors, there are some points that Sutter Health are trying to make to convince you that critical access is the same as an acute care hospital.  Sorry, but they’re wrong.  Sutter Health is attempting to downsize our hospital in order to qualify for higher Medicare payments. It’s all about the money.

I only have one life and Sutter Health is concerned with money while I’m concerned with my health.

The Board of Supervisors have the right to use eminent domain and get rid of these people.  Please contact your Supervisor and ask them to act in our best interest.

Also, please attend the December 16th Superior Court at 11 am when Bev Hussey goes up against Sutter Health.  Lend her your support.

Connie Morrison

Crescent City, Ca.

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