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Not much more than a newborn and born to be of service, the tiny drop of water now rested.  It was impatient to know of that service for which it was to be.  It was a raindrop.  It was quite tiny and if the truth be known felt rather insignificant.  It had earlier gone to a meeting of other raindrops living in this part of the world. It had turned into a rather noisy event with thousands upon thousands raising an opinion as to where the best place or thing to fall upon,  should be for the good of all.  Falling time was almost here.

A family of cool, but not too cold drops had removed themselves from the meeting.  Small in numbers as well as size, they had already made up their minds.  There was a housing tract nearby with young adults, beginning a family.  Many of the little ones would spend most of their growing up years with each other during their time of growing up.  Lasting friendships would form.  The houses sat together in a small suburb slightly apart from a large town.  These rain drops were just large enough in number to fall gently  upon that place.  Perhaps a few would land upon a little ones nose and hands to pause and let the child smile after the rain touched it. Maybe they would laugh in a quick happy way to feel this new sensation upon their skin.

A very large group voiced that they would go into the high country of trees and secluded make-shift cabins. They  would water the trees that sheltered the land.  They would fill the tall water barrels the people in the cabins sat out in hope of rain.  There was neither water pumps nor electricity in this place.  They would fill the streams which now were barely  a trickle of water.  The group knew it would be made welcome.

One by one, the multiple groups of raindrops had left.  The majority of drops would be groups of cold angry rain, large in size and strength.  They would be like a deluge, sending those in its path dashing for shelter.  Violent as it was, it would be welcome, for new life would spring forth because of it.  It would serve a good cause.

The tiny raindrop had grown sleepier, its drop mind tired from all the decisions left unsettled within its small family.  Now the Matriarch of its family shook it gently, rousing it from an almost sleep like state.  “Falling time is here” spoke the very old great-great-grandfather.  “Your father has found the perfect place for us to fall upon.  The winds and clouds will carry us far from here.  The clouds will be heavy and dark  with us part of them.  They, however will be able to carry us without a difficulty.  There is a family of humans struggling to make a life for themselves from the land, as well as the horses and cattle upon it.  It is both a farm and a ranch.  For a long time no rain has fallen.  If we do not help, the family will lose all they have worked for.  Get up now!  Hurry.  We must leave right away!” The tiny raindrop got up, scampering quickly to join its family.

The darkened clouds bumped against each other, causing the clumped together raindrops to begin falling out and upon the land.  “Mother….Look! Hurry, for the rain has come at last.  Let’s go outside.  Gather the children so they can watch it happening!  Let us pray the rain will fall enough to heal our land.

Far above the old cabin, the clouds felt quite happy as well.  They had done a good job of transporting the family of rain drops.  Higher yet above  it all, angels  smiled down upon the man with his arm around his wifes waist, a smile of contentment on his work worn face.  The angels worked hard to suppress  laughter as they looked upon the children playing in the dirt that was rapidly turning to mud.    Had the land upon which the rain continued to fall, have been able to speak, it surely would have been heard to say “Thank you”.


Life was good

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