Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

By Author Vickey Stamps –

He tugged on his boots, a ragged wool coat and put on some
coffee to brew.  He glanced at the son he’d wrapped tight
against cold and reckoned on what he could do.
Outside the wind continued to howl like the rabid sick cry
of a wolf.  He hugged his chest against the chill and listened for a horse’s hoof.
He had no ma or pa to help nor was there for him a wife.
In giving Shorty her gift of a son, she had also given her life.
It’d been eight years and he thought he’d grown numb, buried pain deep in the past.  Now as he looked at his sick sleeping child, he knew he had woke up at last.
The snow was beginning to drift pretty good.  Shorty knew it would slow up the doc.  If he didn’t get here pretty soon,
the boy might go into shock.
He’d been fixing to drop to his knee’s for a prayer, when he heard a noise far away.  He heard it then once then twice again, then it vanished like the close of day. 
Now there come a tapping on the rough cabin door.
He thought it imagination then he heard it once more.
 Now, Shorty opened up the door and found nothing there but a glow, but behind was the doctor’s buggy comin’ fast as it could go.
Doc saved the child from death by working plum through the night, and then sat to tell the worried father about that right strange light.
Doc had lost his way last nigh as snow piled all around,
then chanced to see a light shine forth upon the icy ground
There’d been a vision of a lady then, without a coat or shawl.
She beckoned him to follow her as she walked on straight
and tall.
As Doc neared onto the cabin the woman waved good-by.
The Doc swore she’d been smiling, sweet and kind of shy.
Now one could say it was a fluke and the moon cast a funny light, but Shorty knew the vicious storm had hidden the moon from sight
Who was the lady who was able to walk and cast that mighty light and helped the doctor safely to the cabin on that night?
Shorty’d thought  his late wife was a ‘special pearl’ and called her ‘Angel Girl’.  Could it be her whom he’d loved and lost that had been like a glowing pearl?
Had she returned to save their son, wrapped tight against the cold, with steps that sent a glistening glow with movements strong and bold.
Shorty reckoned he knowed the answer but he’d keep it in his heart. He knowed the truth. Miracles would never from him part.

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