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Despite the crowded cargo in the mail plane, despite the height of the plane, which to the ordinary person might make one feel the need for pressurization, the mail was quite comfortable, nestled closely among its friends. 

There had been some turbulence, but it had passed without disturbance, and safely inside the cargo, the large amounts of letters and adjoining packages, remained warm and protected.  Unknown to the pilots, the envelopes returned to conversation with the companion envelopes.

They pruned and preened among themselves as to which was most attractive, for  varied stamps were upon the surface, colors  of all tints made up many envelopes, and Christmas seals were in abundance.  They almost made the plain envelopes feel rather drab.  It didn’t bother them so much, for inside was what really mattered the most.  The conversations went on.  “Guess what is inside my envelope!” spoke a plain square one, its return address that of a far off country, from a soldier. The envelope continued with,  “it says….My precious wife. My tour is almost up.  By the time you receive this letter, I will be on a plane  headed to our country, the USA.  I almost didn’t write you,  as I wanted it to be a surprise. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought you might be gone with the children to my parents or your own otherwise..  I want to see you first in our own home, so don’t make plans till I arrive.  I’m saving up even more hugs and kisses for all of you.  I love you all so much.  This letter was sealed with a kiss.  See you soon.    I’ll call you from the airport!!!  Your husband, Dan”

There were happy letters and unfortunately a few sad ones.  There were cards from children to grandparents, wishing them a Merry Christmas, signed with little x’s and o’s for hugs and kisses.  There were cars from grand parents to the kids, some with gift cards for happy spending after the time of Christmas.  All would be welcomed, although delayed to arrive the day after new years, because of terrible winter storms.

Now, one long envelope twisted itself about, standing and hoping up and down on its short end, to call attention to itself.   “Please pay close attention to me.  I have such an important letter.  Please be quiet and let me tell you what is inside.” The envelope begain to speak again of the contents within itself. 

“Dear Mom and Dad

I hope you will be happy to hear from me.  It has been a year now since I ran away the night of the senior prom.  I knew you didn’t like my boyfriend, but I thought I loved him, and wanted to marry him.  I thought we’d always be happy together, and someday you’d come to care for him as I did.  Anyway, I repeat myself, for I know you  got the postcard I sent you the next day that explained and said good-by.

I want you to know that he never bothered to marry me, and what I thought was happiness and energy, and love for me, was him stoned on Meth.  It was more important than me.  I became pregnant and when he found out, he wanted no part of the baby or me.  He has been gone a long time, having left me on the streets to fend for myself.  I’m sorry I didn’t call you, but I was scared and ashamed and didn’t know if you could ever forgive me or not.  I saw a flyer on a telephone pole that had information about a place kids could go that were  alone on the streets.  This big church where I am now,  has a group home.  I found my way there and they took me in.  I’ve been safe and well taken care of, but I  miss you.  Actually …. We miss you.  Christmas night Robert Immanuel was born.  Yes, Robert for Daddy and Immanuel for the baby Christ child I have learned about.  Mom, he has our eyes.  They are blue.  I want to live in the right way now.  I’ve been talking to the counselors.  They tell me they will help me find a place to stay and a job, but I have to leave soon, because I am eighteen and they need my place for another lost teenager.  Preacher Mike said I could use his phone to call you, but I was so afraid you might hate me for all I have put you through, and not want me and the baby to be in your home. I could not bear hearing you say ‘No!’ over the phone.  I am putting Preacher Mike’s number at the end of the letter in case you want to call.

If it is not okay to come home, I understand.  I know I don’t deserve it, but I have learned to pray and I’ have been praying that you will say yes.  If not, just don’t answer my letter.  Do know that I love you and my sisters and brothers with all of my heart.  I always will.  I want to come home.  I will make things up the best I can.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Love,  Elizabeth and Robbie


The long envelope was seen to have the stain of a tear upon its surface, before sinking down among the others to lay quietly. Now the letters were gone, each to their own place, long since opened, each having heard the reaction to their content.

 Robert and Molly were in such a state of happiness, they could hardly stand it.  Robert had found a used crib and refinished it.  Stuffed toys lined the wall and Elizabeth’s room shared space with boy themed mural’s painted on  what would be  the babies side of the room.  A mobile of colorful planes,  played music as they turned in a circle above the crib.  Robert had probably turned it on a dozen times, just this morning.

 “Molly” he said “Will you please sit down and relax.  It will be four hours before the bus arrives.  I know you want to go sit down at the station in case the bus is early, but we’ll go meet Elizabeth, in plenty of time.  Let me get you a cup of something warm.  You should have eaten your breakfast.  I don’t think I have ever seen you so excited.  I’m excited to.  Our babies coming home…both our babies. “

 Life is good!

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