I know from experience and study that CPS comes in on maybe 1 complaint, snatches the children away from their parents without investigating the truth. If they can not find anything, they make things up and persuade, bribe, put stuff in the children’s heads, and scare, the children that they have been abused and their parents do not love them, with the help of CASA Workers, counselors, their own Psychologist that they hired, the Adoption Agency, and the court.

The court is just as corrupt, They allow 1 Judge to make the decision to adopt children off without a Jury, witnesses, true evidence, the parents own evaluator, or Due Process. The parents can not read anything in time or defend themselves and even if they comply to all of their demands, taking all of their classes and doing everything they ask and more, for the so called reunification process, to get their children back, they still do not get their children back, because it is the CPS’s intention to adopt the children for the money. The foster and potential adoptive parents also do the same, and coax the children for the big time money they are getting per child. In this county(Del Norte, CA) the foster and adopted parents get $1300 per child if they diagnose them with a mental or physical problem, and the CPS gets more. Our children are starting to speak out that they were forced to lie and they are threatening them to put them in group homes if they speak out and just say they are bad or mentally unstable. They will still get their money and the child can not speak out. Because of the trauma they have mentally and emotionally changed from the happy children they once were and they blame the parents. It should all be truly investigated and stopped.

The parents should also get a true fair trial. There are plenty of children out there who really do need to have a good home, but because they care, not for the money. They should not snatch children from loving homes for money and power and they esp. should never separate the siblings because they are suffering, they need support from each other and they are being ripped apart from each other and their parents. The children are being traumatized and so are the parents. Everything they say the parents are doing, they are the ones doing and no one can prove it because they do not have cameras on them or in the visitation or interview rooms. Even if they do have cameras, they are known to tamper with the evidence. By law they should have cameras and not be allowed to tamper with them.

If you look it up on the internet, you will find story after story where it has become a black market and a power trip. Nancy Schaefer, a senator in Georgia lost her life for exposing them right before she was going to publish her book. Insiders have come out and told the stories of the horrible things that go on in the Social Services and the people and courts that work with them. If you want to be a good Social Worker and love to help people, and do what a Social Worker should really be like, you may not last long, because they end up being fired or quit They have let the greed of money and power lead their decisions and commit perjury and make false allegations to take children away from their parents, family, and siblings. It causes more trauma to separate children from their parents and siblings and if they really are being abused, the siblings should never be separated. They end up with more emotional harm than good.

Because I fear retaliation, I must sign this anonymously.

Crescent City, Calif.

16 thoughts on “Victims of Legalized Kidnapping by CPS”
  1. It is happening everywhere. I’m in the middle of it right now. A mother and her children should never have to go through this trauma. Not to mention, this our future that they are messing with.
    I tried to post this on fb and it immediately blocked me from doing so. What does that tell you??

    1. FB in groups have a group called .fight cps.com they may be what your looking for you..I’m a member and it’s a closed private group you have to join..

    Arizona DCS child protective services has had custody of my son for 18 months from an incident between his mother and her boyfriend getting into a domestic dispute where she spend a month in jail and has now lost all parental rights. Now that same ex boyfriend is my son’s current placement. There is not a reason for my son not to be with me other than DCS excuse that I lived in Nevada and they were waiting on Nevada to do the ICPC. I have now moved to AZ so I can get my son back and they still will not release him to me.
    Who can I contact or get help from? Any Information will help.
    My name is James Hartshorn

    1. This site is a right wing conspiracy blog. Go somewhere that can actually help you. This isn’t the place to get any type of real information.

  3. Why didn’t you expose the agency…I think that a lot of children would have been saved all this pain that they go thru because you did not expose CPS. I wish that you can expose them and write a letter to Pres. Donald Trump about what is going on in this country and how our children are being abused by CPS and not their parents. I beg of you to pls EXPOSE CPS N SOCIAL WORKERS.

  4. CPS also kidnapped my four oldest babies in 2006, it took me eleven years to find my children. Tulare county’s CPS/CWS kidnapped my children for their financial gain. I later found out that my children have been abused by the system for federally funded bonuses. These CPS people make their money by stealing our children and the government is letting this happen to us. Its time that the families of all those children who CPS has stolen from innocent parents be brought to justice. To have a mother and child bond be ripped apart by the hands of strangers is just simply unjust and inhuman. It’s a crime against humanity. We were blessed with our children and our children they shall stay. DAMN SOCIAL WORKERS LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE AND GIVE US OUR CHILDREN BACK THEY DON’T BELONG TO YOU…

    1. I’m ready to take it to the next level. CPS is above the law so anything is fair game. DM if you want to make real. Change.
      #1 DAD

  5. My daughter was apart of the stupid adoption chain here in CC they induced her @ 36-37 weeks already had new family picked out and my daughter’s name changed all cause my baby momma has issues and yet I can raise my 3 boys with my first baby momma but not my daughter something wrong here …. It’s called money they wanted to sell her and make that cash sick bastard’s

  6. My daughter got kidnapped by cps here they planned my baby momma to be induced at 36~37 weeks already had the new parents picked out n her name changed did t even give us a chance to get her all cause my baby momma has issues and been through the system SInce she was 12 but yet I can raise my 3 son’s with first baby momma this town a joke

  7. Just one child abused molested and forced to lie about CPS should be enough to prosecute these monsters!!!
    Why are they allowed to get away with these horrific crimes against innocent women and children? I’m a citizen of the united States of America but have no rights to protect innocent families from horrific abuse by these Government funded monsters!!! If I was forced to be mentally ill just so they could abuse molest beat and threaten me to get away with these horrific crimes against me, I would start a war with these monsters and me and my vigilantes would round them up and throw them into the ocean!!!

  8. To be licensed to teach or be the director of a preschool in California you must study and complete early childhood development classes.
    A preschool or day care center must be licensed

    They have REDESIGNED! the agency. The link looks like a comic book. All the letters of the words in the sentence are there, but the spaces are in the wron gpl ace! With big colorful shapes. Written so no one can read it OR COMPLAIN!
    I could not imagine it is legal to steel children from their families and pay people to adopt them. That is going on, also.
    Please read the reply to NEW MATH CAN KILL YOU by Connie Morrison
    It is a timeline of events that have happen that is slowly and deliberately taking away your civil rights, property, children and freedom.
    how to complain about child abuse from a California licensed care facility.
    I hope this helps the mommy’s and daddy’s out there, get a head start before any more stealing of children takes place. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN PROMISING YOU. YOU MAY NOT WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN POLITICS (AND WHO DOES?) BUT POLITICS WILL BE INVOLVED WITH YOU. POLITICS IS NOT ONLY YOUR RIGHT, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

  9. My husband and I have a small, modest 3 bedroom house, 2 vehicles that were manufactured in the 90’s, and we work hard for everything we’ve ever had in life. My husband works at a pallet mill making 8.50 an hour to carry logs, cut them into the boards needed and then nail the pallets together that are used to ship practically everything from groceries to transformers. On that 8.50 an hour he brings home between two and three hundred a week and we were raising our FIVE children on that. Our kids get Medicaid, that is the extent of our government assistance. So please don’t think we are living off the government and have the nerve to complain type. We have to live modestly and budget but we have always taken care of our family. Our lives revolve around our children’s happiness, well-being, and success in life. We have 4 daughters ages 9, 7, 6, and 4 and a son age 2. I’ve been with them since the day I gave them life and now I’m struggling to continue living without them here. I haven’t seen or spoken to them in over 7 months and when I ask about visitation, I’m told I have a no contact order. I’m not a perfect person or parent, but my mistakes have never endangered or hurt my children and do not warrant what has happened. Since 2010, I have had to fight to either keep my children or get them back every single year. They receive anonymous reports for the same thing every time: Abuse and drug use. I’ve taken a drug test every year at least once and I have never failed one. When they came out in April of 2015, I told them that I wasn’t doing this anymore because the only abuse to my children was from the state of Mississippi with their harassment. Taking the drug tests, I have to pay for the test itself as well as the transportation costs. So I refused a hair follicle drug screening that was going to cost us $260 (130 each). Not to mention, they wanted us to drive 60 miles away to have it done and after the cost of gas and the babysitter for us to go have it done is added, it would have cost more than my husband makes on his entire paycheck. That refusal resulted in losing custody of my children for suspicion of drug use. The insanity doesn’t end there though. The people that CPS deemed to be fit and worthy of caring for my children (3 homes) have been convicted, collectively, of possession of a controlled substance, child abuse, and multiple DUIs. That aside, my 2 younger daughters have been placed with a man not only with a drug charge conviction, but who has a son who molested my older 2 girls. He is still having a relationship with the son and in doing so, putting my daughters at risk for sexual abuse. His daughter had two kids herself before turning 17. The first pregnancy was a result of him leaving a 17 and 18 year old boy in control of the daughter and his adoptive son while he and his wife went to the bar. They were playing truth or dare and when the girl was dared to perform oral sex on one of the boys they threatened and intimidated her until she agreed. Then she was ultimately raped. The next weekend the same scenario playing out, she was raped again by the other boy. As jaw dropping as that story is, the girl found out she was pregnant from the middle school nurse two weeks before her father found out from her pregnancy belly. The sad part is she was already 7 months along.
    When they took custody, my kids were at their grandparents’ house except for my infant son who was with me grocery shopping. The CPS is so sure that my children are in imminent danger they are needed to take custody from me, but they don’t wait for our return, and they don’t come back for another week. And when they did come back, they only needed to check on him. After a court hearing the following Monday, they sent deputies out to get possession of my son. I have been haunted for almost 8 months of the look on his little face when the cop took him from my arms. He was terrified and I was crying hysterically. FOR NOT BEING FINANCIALLY ABLE TO COMPLY WITH THE DEMANDS OF CPS. Feeling completely helpless, I still convinced myself that I had done nothing wrong and righteous would prevail. That once I was able to go to court, I would have my babies back. Those assurances set me up for the disappointment of a lifetime. I’m not sure how many court hearings they have had because I was not informed of court dates, I cannot defend myself against their claims because they have not told me what the allegations against me are, and although I have tried endlessly to work with CPS to get my kids back, I cannot even get a simple phone call returned. I have been to the office but no one will come out and speak with me and the secretary says I have to leave a message and wait for their call. They substantiated the allegations of abuse based on testimony from people who have not seen my kids in months or even years!!! No bruises, pictures of bruises, fractures or even old fractures. Just NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER!! And I wasn’t even given the opportunity to defend myself or even go to court for that matter. When I told the judge of not being informed of court dates the CPS worker said they didn’t have my address. The same people who found their way to my door to take my kids doesn’t have the address and the judge thought this was an acceptable answer. They’ve successfully kept me in the dark until February 23, and I was so ready because of all the research I had done. I was hopeful because every thing I had found said this was illegal. When I told the judge that Mississippi code requires that a physician testify of bodily harm before they can convict, we were given an evidentiary hearing and then moving to circuit court. No one said that they were going to be terminating my rights in circuit. I found this out today and that’s only a little more than 3 weeks away. Our financial situation hasn’t changed and so I couldn’t afford to hire one if I was able to find someone to represent me in the first place. I have reached rock bottom as they say, and this is my plea for help. Anyone who has legal advice, ideas for the next step, or even just words of encouragement maybe if you are like me and clueless. I’m pulling a blank. Everything I’ve ever done right is in those kids and stolen away from me. Everything beautiful and good has left. My whole validation of existence has been snatched away and I am innocent. I feel like the entire planet had all the air sucked away and I struggle to breathe….

    1. Please get a hold of your Dept. Of Justice and write a letter about the way that CPS and Social Workers have treated you. Secondly search on your computer Judicial Commission of Ethics and Codes for Judges that are involved in your case and write them a letter but don’t tell anyone and they will investigate your case. Also search Grievances against a lawyer. Write to your Attorney General and tell them all that you have written and also do a background check for yourself and send a copy to all that you have written to. This will help you to get your pain across. All that I am advising you to do I have done and I am getting help from the state Judicial system lots of investigations going on.

  10. Susan Wilson hasn’t had her karma dished out to her yet, but i’m hoping it will be so. Many of my anger issues to date stem from her actions against me and my family. My mother passed away a few years ago now and now the lone ranger in what’s left of my family. Susan Wilson moved me around homes without warning and against my wishes several times while I was a “ward of the court.” One Saturday morning, because my grades were low, i was going to be re-placed into another foster home. She called me and said to have my bags packed by 12 noon. Due to high levels of stress and her actions against me in years prior, I decided to take charge of my own future. Being pretty good with electronics, I opted to ignore her request to have my bags backed and decided to build a home made tazer. When she showed up at the home, i was already shaking with anger and warned her not to mess with me anymore.

    That’s when I hit my boiling point. She walked into my room to pack my bags for me, so I told her, “NO YOU ARE NOT.” I shoved her to the wall in an effort to get passed her and grabbed my home made tazer from the ceiling lamp shade and put it near her, threatening that what she has done to me is irreversible and life long, she’s messing with my life and I wasn’t going to let her do that anymore. She then ran to the phone and dialed 911, but i ripped the phone out of her hands and told them what was going on… and then the cord was ripped from the wall.

    Deputies showed at my home and I was taken for evaluation at Sutter Coast Hospital, only to be drugged up on lithium. She is an evil person and in my opinion, deserves every bit of negative karma she gets in her life.

    Last I heard, she became the “top dog” of CPS there in Del Norte County. It was then I realized I would never win against a corrupt and dangerous system who destroys families for their own gratification.

    Later when I moved to Santa Cruz, while still on medication (I was forced to take it or go to Juvenile Hall), I found myself in a hospital after falling down the side of a cliff from fainting due to core body temp elevation. I passed out in 115 degree weather in an area just north of Boulder Creek, CA. I was rushed to the hospital and it was later learned that the mix and amounts of medication I was forced to take was actually a potentially lethal combination.

    Dr. Soper from Del Norte County Mental Health was the one who prescribed them to me under the orders of Susan Wilson. It was later learned that Dr. Soper was forced to leave DNCMH and ended up working in Arcata, working with children.

  11. Your letter is right on, I worked for Del Norte County CPS for from 2003-2007. During that time I either participated in or observed too many illegal or unjust actions against parents and their children. I left January 2007 after blowing the whistle on the Agency for running illegal criminal background checks on the good citizens of Del Norte. Del Norte CPS got in big trouble from the Department of Justice. (I received copies of the DOJ letters that they sent to Del Norte CPS.)

    In February of 2007, I was employed by Mendocino County and was terminated in 2012 after I made complaints about illegally detaining children without warrants, being forced to sign under penalty of perjury, and refusing to lie and/or withhold exculpatory evidence in Court documents.

    The State Personnel Board agreed with me about the above but upheld my termination because I yelled at my supervisor and program manager and threatened to expose the Agency.

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