Thu. May 23rd, 2024

I’d like to introduce you to Sheriff Dean Wilson. No, not the Dean Wilson you think you know. This is the real Dean Wilson. As many of you know, our Sheriff created a Facebook page with information about things going on in our county. At one point, this was a great resource for all. However, the past few months it has taken a drastic change for the worse. Gone are the almost daily posts of what’s happened in our area. Now it is filled with snide, deceptive, and immature posts bashing his opponent.

After the Sheriff’s debate on September 23rd, Dean posted a link to the debate. Well, to be clearer it was his version of the debate. Yes, our Sheriff decided against posting the full video and instead tried to spread around a 14:24 version which was edited in his favor. The video was hosted on a website that also had an ad for Ocean World, owned by the Wilsons. Obviously a biased source.

Fortunately Erik Apperson was kind enough to share the full 31 minute video. In hoping it was an honest mistake by Dean, I added links to the full debate under his posting of the edited version. It was clearly not a mistake, as my links were promptly removed and I was blocked from making any further comments on his page. Countless others have had the same thing happen to them after trying to speak up on his page. Dean’s claims to only removed negative or defamatory content are categorically false.

The same thing happened when the question of Erik Apperson’s qualifications came to light. Dean not only “liked” those posts and comments, but he removed all comments by people that would show that Erik’s qualifications were more than enough to run for Sheriff. His suppression of anyone questioning him is alarming.

Dean Wilson is not a Sheriff for the people. Far from it. He is a Sheriff for HIS people.

Dean has consistently made comments to undermine Erik Apperson, and has engaged his supports in doing the same. Erik Apperson has run a completely clean campaign, with pride and dignity. Erik Apperson will stand for all of us. His work and commitment to our community is unparalleled. Please, when you cast your ballot, vote for Erik Apperson.

Josh Glazner

Crescent City, Ca.

4 thoughts on “Wilson vs Apperson”
  1. Lets not forget the accusations Wilson made against me on his Facebook page that were outright lies. I was just about to file a lawsuit against him and his department when he finally took down the offending post, after repeatedly asking. I guess calling him on his personal phone line at his home when he was just sitting down for dinner with his family pretty much got his attention. Oh, and that I was going to mail him a letter to his personal residence.

    One thing I’ve learned is that it was impossible for me to file a police report in Del Norte County with the Sheriffs’ department, if it involved their own deputies.

    Soon-to-be former Sheriff Dean Wilson could still be charged with multiple civil rights violations resulting from his lack over control of his officers.

    When I moved to another county in California, I found myself having a general conversation with an officer of more than 30 years who was in total disbelief in the stories i was telling of my treatment by officers up there in Del Norte County. She decided to contact the US Department of Justice to report one officers’ activities that I had documented from prior records I’ve kept over the years. I have since learned that this “detective” was recently demoted. I wonder if it has anything to do with the BlackHawk Pistol story (Involving the ongoing victimization of Dave Egan) and any issues with the US DOJ? Anyone feel like doing an F.O.I.A. on changes of positions within the Sheriffs Department up there and why those changes were made? I bet you wouldn’t get anything back.. and if you did? Well, it would be a fax cover page with 100 pages of reactions or empty pages.

    Karmas’ gonna get them in the end. I believe in it.

  2. In 2003 my father Frank W. Benjamin had a file on Dean Wilson. Mr Wilson never never went to the Police accadamy at all. He was just a reserve officer who was granny in the crescent city police dept. His broad behind would of never made it over the 7 foot chain fence. Let go back even further. What was the report how two wife’s deaths of Dean Wilson were not investigated..? Let’s go again… he married money… Mr Brown’s daughter. Dean also said he stopped the leaf shops but allowed the one on Northcrest, why? Protected his investment? Wilson, give up the California assembly or State won’t want you when I give them my father Grand Jury report! It’s in Sacramento now.

  3. I think Wilson has shown over and over again he does not care about the taxpayers in Del Norte! He does what he wants and if it starts to look bad he covers (or tries)it up! I think there are good officers in the department and they need a good leader to clean out Wilson mess and get to the job of taking care of the public. WILSON NEEDS TO GO………..

  4. It’s my experience Wilson does not seem to understand or may be care, it’s his job to protect the public from a terrible deputy, I believe Apperson is the better choice.

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