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Today (2/26/2012) the Sacramento Bee published my investigation about Jon Alexander, district attorney of Del Norte County, California.

Alexander’s story appears at first as a model of redemption. After a methamphetamine habit nearly destroyed him, Alexander resurrected his career and devoted himself to helping other addicts recover. In 2010, he surprised many in remote Del Norte County by winning election as district attorney.

This Bee investigation explores Alexander’s apparent abuse of power – how he often ignores common-sense ethical tenets to gain legal advantage or make a buck. Since his election in November 2010, the California Bar has launched at least two probes into his behavior and he has been implicated in numerous alleged legal lapses. The FBI has launched an inquiry into Alexander for possible bribery.

The full story can be found here:

7 thoughts on “Investigation of Jon Alexander”
  1. Jon Alexander is an honorable man who was railroaded by the California State Bar. Further, he was “set-up” by his own peers who guard their local bar with dishonest dealings. The only thing to be taken from Jon’s experience is to stay away from small isolated communities like Crescent City CA.

    THIS PERSON JON ALEXANDER IS A CRIMINAL HIMSELF! HE IS A TYRANT AND A BULLY -EDUCATED TO USE HIS MANIPULATIONS SKILLS TO BEND THE LAW AND ACT CRIMINALLY AGAINST IGNORANT UNEDUCATED PEOPLE TO MAKE HIMSELF FEEL GOOD. …HENCE THE METH ADDICTION…?? SERIOUSLY IF THE FBI DID AN INVESTIGATION INTO HIM…his entire docket should be revisited on everyone! Its a blessing he was disbarred and no longer practices. with people like him on the bar the legal system becomes a joke. NOT good for anyone.

    1. …and for the Yurok Tribe to be using his services reflects horribly on them! The tribal court should seriously seperate their affiliation with him. i dont think the FBI will look favrobly upon his actions this time! hope he gets locked up!

  3. I think its bullshit what there doing to John. As far as IV seen all he dose is try and help people he feels like he can help.

  4. Kenneth, according to the Triplicate website you shot a gun into a truck that was parked in front of a house. And now you think you shouldn’t be a felon?

  5. I think if you went in front of John Alexander while he was DA like me?The new DA should look and see if John Alexander was fair?{Iknow the DA is very busy,But right is right and wrong is wrong}I never been in trouble with the Law till I made a mistake now I”am a Felon? Thank”s John Alexander.Well at least he won”t have the Power to play God with peoples Lifes now.United States is a great country and we need Strong Women and Men too glide us not a Doper with a Degree.{I had a Stoke while in jail so I hope you can understand me.Idon”t want anyones pitty,,I”am a strong man and a good American}

    Thank=you Kenneth G Varney

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