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By Angry Old American

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January 27th marked Holocaust Memorial Day; a day set aside that we might remember those millions who died during the brutal Nazi genocide in World War II. Unfortunately, humankind quickly forgot the moral lessons of the Holocaust, and our Earth has been plagued time-and-again by genocide and ethnic cleansing ever since. In China, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, and Taliban Afghanistan these atrocities continued and carry-on to this day. As the seeds of this foul affliction upon humanity emerges here in the United States in the form of Critical Race Theory, we must pray that man’s inhumanity against man ceases.

The drumbeats of war grow louder in the Mainstream Media. None too soon; as the Biden Administration’s illegal clandestine night-flights of illegal aliens has finally hit the News. These secret flights, conducted in the cover of darkness have been conducted for nearly a year. No TSA searches or ID checks at the airports for these illegal aliens, no Covid-19 tests or vaccinations, and pilots often do not know their destination til they are in the air. One would think these flights are a matter of National Security!

Former ICE officials and other law enforcement have openly speculated that these flights, and busloads of single adult undocumented males between the ages of 18 and 21, provide criminal reinforcements for foreign gangs and cartels operating throughout the United States. Though their destinations are Top Secret, boots-on-the-ground indicate that these unvetted young men have most often arrived in suburban, small-town and rural America.

The only question that the News dare-not ask is “How much money is the DNC receiving from the criminal Border Cartels in order to facilitate their expansion of drug and human trafficking into the United States?” We don’t expect the Cartels to work for free. Cartels do not smuggle hundreds of millions of fentanyl doses into the United States to give them away; and Cartel Coyotes do not smuggle aliens into this country for free either. The obvious costs to America are deaths in the deserts en-route to “Utopia,” lives lost due to drug overdose, lives lost on our streets due to violent crime, and the sad fate of those ensnared by sex trafficking and human bondage to organized crime. An open border, and taxpayer paid transportation have been valuable benefits enjoyed by Border Cartels for nearly a full year that yield tens of millions of dollars in profits each day; and it is naive to believe that these services are provided free.

We often hear the common explanation “Illegal Immigrants are simply intended to be potential Democrat voters.” This makes as much sense as calling Democrats “Liberal” or “Progressive.” The Democrat Party has been compromised by Communists and outright crooks! In Third World Countries, these border and transportation services would be paid for through bribes as a cost of doing business. How much money is being pocketed by the Biden Administration for this “license to kill” on the Southern Border? 

Both Homeland Security Director Mayorkas and Pretender in Chief Biden have bold-faced lied about illegal aliens being transported to “detention facilities;” they are either being ferried to urban Cartel Networks, or dumped on the streets of conservative communities throughout the United States.

These recent Southern Border revelations only compound the many fiascos plaguing this Administration. Biden’s popularity woes already include the systematic destruction of the Middle Class, massive economic inflation, collapsing supply-lines, food and fuel shortages, lack of workers, unpopular and illegal vaccination mandates, gross mishandling of the pandemic, revelations of NIH complicity with the Wuhan lab where Covid originated, no confidence in our medical system, a broken justice system, epidemic crime in the streets, cheating at the ballot boxes and hacked voting machines in 2020, lies about a “January 6th Capitol Insurrection” that are quickly unraveling to expose a false-flag, massive Chinese payoffs to members of the “First Family,” Critical Race Theory indoctrination of children in public schools, federal criminal investigations launched against concerned parents speaking-out at School Board meetings, political purges in the military and of federal government employees, divisive vilification of conservatives, a complete military strategic failure during the Surrender of Afghanistan, attacks against free-speech among the opposing Party, and what has become an unpopular One-Party Dictatorship that rules by fiat.

Mainstream and Social Media have made every effort to cover-up all Biden and DNC misdeeds; using tactics and strategies reminiscent of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda networks. However, their viewing public are abandoning the official narrative and network platforms in droves. CNN, the most outspoken Deep State mouthpiece, has experienced an 80%+ drop in ratings during this past year!

Here in the United States, we have a population that is totally naive about the workings of tyranny. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rules over nearly one and a half billion people in the People’s Republic of China with an iron fist. Yet, the CCP only amounts to 8% of the total population. Under a Tyranny or Dictatorship, the “Will of the People” does not matter. Authoritarian Regimes sell stories in their controlled media and “News” to support their agendas; and most important to reinforce the “Appearance” of legitimacy. Reality matters less than “Appearance” in cultures dominated by propaganda and mass-media psychological programming.

“Oh, it will all change when the Republicans gain control of Congress after the 2022 elections!”

What happens if there are no elections? With public backlash against Marxist policies, Democrats are tanking at the polls. Can the Biden Administration and DNC afford to risk allowing another National Election? 

The January 6th false flag at the US Capitol resulted in suspending confirmation objections on the House Floor. January 6th has subsequently been used to vilify and crack-down on the entire Republican Party. Unsuccessful attempts were recently made by Congress to alter our election system and institutionalize large-scale cheating and election fraud. Attempts are being made to totally shut down all media that challenge the authorized official narrative. As the American public grows more congnizant of these dangers by the day, how can this Administration remain in power?

War! In the movie “Wag the Dog,” the “Appearance” of a War was concocted by a media “Spin-Doctor” in order to provide cover for a Presidential scandal. “Wag the Dog” speculated a fake war in order to win a National Election. What would happen if there were a real war providing a pretext to remove voting rights from an entire political party?

Our nation has been under a “State of Emergency” since the attacks on the Twin Towers of New York and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. During the interim, we have seen the “Patriot Act,” and the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security. Some would argue that the “Patriot Act” is an oxymoron, having more to do with the negation of Constitutional Rights than “Patriotism.” The building blocks of an Orwellian tyranny have been alive and well ever since the Patriot Act was passed. Indeed, the “January 6th Commission” puts us one step away from complete Martial Law, the suspension of Habeas Corpus, and the imprisonment of entire classes of citizens without trial.

No Administration in the history of this Country has done more to divide its population than that of Joe Biden. We have racial and political divisions that seem driven toward Civil War. Yet, despite concerted efforts by Federal “Agent Provocateurs;” actual incidents that can be construed as “Insurrection” have been few, with only one leading to charges of sedition and insurrection. Failing to instigate a domestic uprising in order to suspend the Constitution and significantly compromise National Elections, wars must be found elsewhere to support such an agenda.

After 8,500 US troops were put on high alert, US diplomatic families prepared for evacuation, and the first loads of $200 million of US military hardware were unloaded in Ukraine, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated Congress’ willingness to extend even more aid. News has surfaced of a telephone call between Joe Biden and the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy,  relaying “US Intelligence” about an impending attack by Russia. The Ukrainian President publicly asked US and Western Powers not to spread alarmist hype; to essentially “Chill-out.”

The Psychological Theory of “Transactional Analysis” is based on boredom being a major impetus of human behavior. If we all acted logically, then our lives would be lacking of trauma-dramas, and the turbulent manic-depressive episodes that humankind has become accustomed to expect. Therefore, we create psychological mind-games to play with one-another in order to create drama, suspense and even tragedies. These mind-games are the foundation of dysfunctional families, neurosis, psychosis, and a variety of psychopathic and sociopathic behaviors. One of the more popular “scripts” in Transactional Analysis is called “Let’s You and Him Fight.” In this scenario, commonly played in schools since we were kids, the “Passive-Aggressive” participant need only whisper “Do you know what he/she said about you?” or “Are you going to let him/her get away with that?” and “You ain’t afraid of him/her, are you?” A bit of constant goading by one or more antagonists ultimately results in the development of drama, suspense, and the “Payoff” of a fight.

Ironically, but not surprisingly, our mainstream media now say “If you don’t support Ukraine’s fight to preserve the sovereignty of their border, then you are a traitor.” In the same breath, anyone supporting the sovereignty of the United States Southern Border is branded a traitor also. Go figure!

Should we be dragged into World War III with Russia, China, Iran and others, and a possible thermonuclear war, what should we be prepared for?

Most of us have the impression that soldiers bear the brunt of casualties during war. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Civilians always absorb the greatest losses during times of war; either by famine, disease or collateral combat injuries and deaths. Soldiers have supply lines, weapons and an organization to support them. Civilians must depend upon themselves and their fellows.

Is it inconceivable that the United States could be attacked? During World War II, there was a Japanese submarine attack on Fort Stevens on the Columbia River, explosive incendiary balloon-bombs that detonated in Southern Oregon, and attacks against merchant shipping off the Coast of Del Norte. We have a memorial to the sunken cargo ship USS Emidio at Crescent City’s Beach Front Park, and remnants of an old WWII coastal lookout post just South of the city of Klamath.

However, we were a different country during World War II. The Democrat Leadership under Franklin Delano Roosevelt were not out-right Marxists, and the United States was strongly united in their support for Constitutional Rights and Liberty. We are now ruled by self-avowed Marxists claiming also to be “Democrats,” who in-turn are controlled by government subsidized corporate monopolies which are decidedly opposed to free-enterprise capitalism.

If a shooting war were to  erupt between the United States and ideologically compatible regimes in Russia and China, what should we expect? Are we on the brink of Thermonuclear War; or on the cusp of a great “People’s Revolution” to usher-in a New World Order?

What would war mean for little Del Norte County? We have no major military targets, and minimal strategic significance. The closest hard targets for Nuclear Attack are near Klamath Falls, Oregon. Of course, nuclear targets abound in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.

If a nuclear conflagration were to occur, our exposure would be minimal from blasts, with wind-blown radioactive fallout being the greatest challenge. An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) detonation aimed at the Western Power Grid would eliminate 80+% of the population by government figures. But Del Norte is remote and rural enough to fare better than most other areas should electricity and outside supplies be taken out of the equation.

Should war erupt, we could also expect to see Russian and Chinese Sleeper-Cells that have lived and worked in the United States for decades to be activated. Members of Sleeper-Cells are tasked to infiltrate strategic facilities, such as nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, satellite communications companies, and even the US Military in order to conduct sabotage during war. Most of these deeply entrenched covert Sleeper-Cells will have fresh reinforcements from our wide-open Southern Border. There will also be covert Terrorist Cells that blend in with their target communities, collecting intelligence and making plans for future attacks. Terrorist Cells likewise have been reinforced during the past year, and supplied with sophisticated weaponry smuggled across our Southern Border or through our compromised cargo security systems.

Here in Del Norte County, we most likely would not experience a direct attack of any kind unless it were necessary to consolidate enemy military presence in California and Oregon by securing Highways 101 and 199. For rapid deployment of military vehicles, hardware and troops, our existing infrastructure of highways and bridges would need to be protected from sabotage.

The word “Consolidate” refers to the act of securing territory already under military control and occupation. The governments of California, Oregon and Washington are States controlled by radical Marxist leadership. All three of these States were contemplating secession from the US during the Antifa and Black Lives Matter insurrections of 2020, when the country was under strong Constitutional leadership. Should there be nuclear or conventional attacks upon Federal strategic facilities throughout these three States, or an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack upon the power grid, could we expect these governments to take a stand in opposition to fellow communists? Are there good odds of a quick capitulation and unconditional surrender? Even lacking any military attacks, these three States might broker an ideological alliance and actually welcome the troops from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) under the pretext of “humanitarian and military assistance.” In such a case, indigenous State National Guard units and police assets would be merged with foreign occupying forces in order to mop-up any resistance; similar to the Vichy French forces during the Nazi occupation of France. Conservative “Patriot Extremists” have already been vilified as “Enemies of Democracy” and “Potential Terrorists” by the Department of Homeland Security under the Biden Administration. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forces of the PLA might be helpful to organize efforts to confiscate firearms and purge communities of Republican “evil-doers.”

Would our County and City governments in Del Norte take a patriotic stand against foreign occupation?Or, would our civic leaders be more interested in maintaining as much personal power and wealth as possible? If such was the case, many of our present “leaders” might even consider foreign occupation to be an opportunity for personal enrichment. Resources of the local population would be looted “legally,” for “the good of the people,” in order to support local politicians, bureaucrats, police, National Guard, and  occupying forces. In such a nightmare scenario, the needs of the community would be a distant afterthought, if their survival were considered at all.

Our local situation in the event of war does not bode well for those opposed to tyranny. If any readers envision an alternative scenario for California, Oregon and Washington, I would love to read their comments. However, considering the present political circumstances, and the unwavering allegiance of or local government to Marxist Sacramento, this will most likely be the probable outcome.

Within the framework of the situation above, we petty serfs would be left to care for ourselves. Those who are least prepared to survive will be dependent upon government handouts, and thus will be prone to compromise as potential collaborators and informants. Those who are independent and self-sufficient would face exploitation and outright persecution. These are hard facts to swallow, but important to come to terms with early in the game.

Unfortunately, there are many Conservatives who simply cannot comprehend the changes that have come about during this past year. Disbelief was also common among Jews in Nazi Germany, freedom loving Chinese in Maoist China, ethnic Chinese in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, or those facing ethnic cleansing and genocidal extermination in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda. Moral and ethical values have changed radically since the Corporate-Communist seizure of the United States government. Our present Administration and Government “leaders” have repeatedly stated publicly, from the onset, that “Patriot Extremists,” “Constitutionalists,” and “Judeo-Christians” are White Supremacists and subsequently the greatest enemies of “Our Democracy.” It matters not if these groups harbor no beliefs of racial supremacy, or even if their skin color isn’t white. It does not matter if “Our Democracy” wishes to disregard the “Will of the People!”

Certainly, there will be “Patriot Extremist,” “Constitutionalists,” and “Religious Extremist” resistance throughout the States of California, Oregon, Washington, and even here in Del Norte County. There will also be attempts to circumvent the economic tyranny that will ultimately unfold. We need only look at the occupied regions of World War II in order to gain clues for what is in-store.

Economic resources will be tools for population control. The only free-enterprise economy will be the Black-Market. Unauthorized exchange of currency, and barter or trade of tangible goods will be illegal. All transactions that are not directly controlled by the State will be illegal and harshly punished.

The enemies of the State; Patriots, Constitutionalists, and Judeo-Christian “Extremists,” will be hunted-down, and either outright exterminated; or imprisoned for slave labor in concentration camps. The CCP has developed a camp system that the Nazis would have envied. This system would be replicated in short-order during a military occupation of the United States.

Firearms registration information has already been made public in California. Occupying forces could access these records from either the State, or from a variety of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) dedicated to “firearm safety reform.” There are very good odds that our enemies will know who is armed before they ever touch foot on American soil.

The Surveillance State and digital electronic media will be the primary method of enforcement of “Group-Think.” Google, Facebook and Twitter have been compiling digital dossiers on the US Population for years. Like Santa, they know who has been naughty or nice and have the lists. The present rejection of Mainstream Media programming by citizens will not be tolerated in the future. If we follow the model of Communist China, Social Credit Score systems will be applied in order to require daily periods of indoctrination. Conformity will be rewarded, non-conformity punished; and snitches will move up the ranks.

It is not the intent of this treatment to school the reader about emergency preparation for war. In many respects, it is already far too late to begin from scratch. It is impossible to “prepare” for an emergency after it has occurred. Government tyranny is happening now, and we are on the very cusp of war. I highly recommend accessing an English translation of Sweden’s booklet on war preparation that was distributed to its entire population.

For those who have not already done so, now is the time to organize your survival group. Caution should be observed while assembling your group because of active FBI infiltration into Patriot, Constitutionalist, and Judeo-Christian groups. These Federal Agent Provocateurs are always on the lookout for naive patsies to ensnare into criminal activities and false flag attacks. Our future, in the case of world war and enemy occupation, will have new “crimes;” like being in public without proper documentation, buying, selling, working or hiring without a permit. Therefore, it is important to properly vet prospective members of your group in order to avoid compromise.

This article is being written under the assumption that the reader will not be among those cooperating with the occupying power. They might have already been branded as Patriots, Constitutionalists or Judeo-Christian Extremists, or may even face a future racial genocide determined by skin color or other characteristic. In any case, there will be an adversarial relationship with the ruling “government” and their new set of rules and laws.

What form should your survival group take? If we examine groups in the past that survived totalitarian control, along with either ethnic cleansing or outright genocide, large centrally controlled public organizations fared the worst; and actually provided fuel to the fire of their own destruction. Small clandestine cellular groups of under six members, with each group insulated from one-another under an umbrella of secrecy had the greatest prospect for success.

Command and control communications will require secrecy under a totalitarian Surveillance State. Consider any digital technology to be thoroughly compromised; this is especially true of cellular/smart phones. DO NOT use your smart phone or computer to communicate with members of your survival group! DO NOT keep their contact information on your digital address book; or even a written address book for that matter.

Consider studying spy-craft, or reading novels by William Stevenson, Jean Le Carre, Joe Weisberg, Karen Cleveland, Joe Finderand and other veteran intelligence professionals that describe blind-drops and other means of communication within tyrannical surveillance states of the past and present.

What kinds of people will you want in your survival group?

Farmers, ranchers, gardeners and other hard working folk who grow, raise or process food are important members of every survival group. Should food become scarce, which is always the case in times of war, agricultural knowledge and skills will be key to survival.

Outdoorsmen, hunters, trackers, fishermen, through-hikers, mountaineers, spelunkers, white water rafters, equestrians, mule packers and orienteers with intimate knowledge of local natural resources, back-roads and trails are important also. Primary roads will most likely be closely monitored during enemy occupation; so alternative unconventional routes will be paramount.

Persons with prior military experience will give your group an edge of experience and training should enemy extermination of members lead to armed conflict. Officers and NCOs can help with topics of strategy and tactics. However, be wary of ambitious sell-outs and mercenary psychopaths who’s allegiance drifts with the winds of war. Old Soldiers and Sailors are just men and women with military experience; not all are patriotic “Heroes.” History is rife with traitors in uniform; especially during regime changes. Many of our best soldiers, the best of the best, drop out from government service for comparatively phenomenal salaries as professional mercenaries in Private Military Corporations. Of course, caution should be the rule for other occupations as well.

Many police, firefighters, search and rescue and emergency services personnel have both the skill-sets and clarity of mind to be good survival team members. However, just like prior military, there are those who’s allegiance has shifted due to the bad influence and politically biased training by the FBI, DOJ, FEMA, and DHS. Many emergency workers have become indoctrinated into a faith that Centralized Government is the only matrix in which they can operate. Be wary of those who aspire to be rising stars in the new Marxist corporation.

Conventional and alternative medical people will be a god-send in the future. Emergency Medical Technicians, Flight Nurses, and Military Medics, who can handle mass trauma situations will be worth their weight in gold. Podiatrists, oncologists, gynecologists, optometrists and other specialists are experts in their field; but will lack the knowledge and experience of a general practitioner. Medical services will be used by the emerging Surveillance State as a means of control; much like food and water will be used. Medications will be scarce and tightly controlled, so herbologists and natural healers will be very important.

Hard scientists such as biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers will be extremely useful when it is necessary to circumvent compromised water, sewer, hygiene, energy, road, bridge and other infrastructure. These necessary professionals will be key to fixing or providing alternatives for the group to survive.

Craftsmen in every trade will be necessary for construction on-the-fly. Technicians savvy in electronics and computers can help repair hardware or ward-off hacks, spying and compromise of group devices.

Don’t write-off the elderly because they are slower, weaker or lack the endurance of the youngsters. Many of us old folk are rich with knowledge and experience that can be a true asset in tough times. Plus, the frame-of-reference, moral and ethical belief systems, and loyalty to the Constitution, Independence, and Liberty are stronger than youngsters fresh out of public schools. Yet, be wary of close association with outspoken old veteran pricks like myself; as we will be the first ones to be eliminated during foreign occupation. That is an important and “inconvenient truth” that my fellow old veterans need to get through their thick, stubborn fool heads; occupying forces historically KILL all military veterans, and they don’t care if they are old or disabled.

Be cautious of professional politicians, government bureaucrats, attorneys, judges, social workers, “educators,” bankers, financial service workers, mainstream or social media professionals, artists and actors, junior-flip indoctrinated school kids, and those actively involved in criminal enterprises. Avoid drunks, druggies, whores, hustlers, gamblers, beggars, thieves, ne’er-do-wells, or any sycophants, toadies and boot-licks who practice and hone their skills of treachery, deception and betrayal to work their way up the Satanic ladder of success.

Most important, you and the other members of your survival group should have something to bring to the table. Know how to survive, gather resources, develop a family plan, and be prepared to the best of your ability!

These are treacherous and dangerous times, and a bit of “paranoia” is perfectly normal. Any Jew in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust would have been stupid, insane, or suicidal if they were not paranoid!–engelsk-version/

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  1. Excellent refresher course on Wag the Dog and “Transactional Analysis” aka troublemakers. I don’t think Biden is much of a warmonger, however the people around him are bored ( he’s not as entertaining as Trump) so their pea brains get notions. I hope we can avoid any action on China or Russia in our lifetime.

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