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Recently I came into contact with two national park rangers. One young tall thin, the other being more my age bald, red mustache. At first the contact went fairly good, although they had no idea what they were doing or looking at while checking our fishing licenses. I thought this went well. Well, this is where it got nasty!! My client had parked in a small cut out in the brush at a very popular takeout on the Smith River. It is known as the outhouse or society hole. As long as I have been alive, we have been parking in this spot. Not only did my client park bad, but I had my 8 month old lab in the boat, that apparently it’s illegal to walk from my boat to my clients car without a leash.

So, we went from a simple how are you and a fishing liscence check, to a full felony stop!!!

Remember, the worst that was happening here was a parking ticket and an unleashed dog!!

“I am talking, keep your hands where I can see them,” they circled behind us, hands on guns in unsnapped holsters!!

I thought my God!! These guys are freaking crazy.

When I questioned them as to why the erratic behavior and said what is the big deal here, I was told how he was a federal agent, and I had no right to question him!! The younger guy was definitely more aggressive!! When I told him that I knew my rights. He proceeded to show his dominance by posture and brandishing his weapon.

At this point the point seemed to be to break us!! Well folks, I am not broken. I told them to write the tickets!! See you in court!! We will tell this whole story!!

It was amazing at that point how fast they just left!!!

Watch out people!! These guys are scary!! I have been contacted lots of times over 22 years of guiding, by multiple different agency’s. I have received violations!! Never been treated like this!! Loose cannons with a badge and a gun!! If you have had a similar problem please contact me. I am putting together a formal complaint. Please only true contacts!!

Mike Coopman

Crescent City, Ca.

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  1. Well, it’s about time! There are currently two federal law suits open against the Redwood National and State Parks Department. The first, brought by an elderly disabled homeless woman who was sleeping in her van at the Visitor Information Center in Hiouchi. The second, by a disabled elderly man who was walking his dog at the Howland Hill trail. Both lawsuits name the Del Norte County Sheriffs Office as co-defendants. Stay connected with The Crescent Times for case status updates. Contact Marie Hartwig by phone for more information. (707) 457-7647.

  2. Well Jose Cantu, how do you explain Holly’s case? Law enforcement is corrupt, they lie and cover up for each other. They wonder why they have lost the respect of the citizens.

  3. NOTE FROM EDITOR: This comment is not for children.
    Well on April 25,2016 I was arrested and I believe illegally searched by the same rangers.They were out of line, inappropriate and unprofessional. I am from Oregon and don’t know if laws are different about male officers searching females not only did he open hand pat my vagina not once but 4 times,he also put two or three fingers under my bra almost touching my nipple wipe back and forth.Then putting fingers under both sides pulling out and shaking my breast. I not only wear a 34 D bra but also had a v neck tight shirt on. And if I wasn’t violated enough he then took his thumb and but it in my tight jeans waist band pulling it out so with all four other conversion my pants palm out and at that point I said well I am not into wearing underwear he said he was not checking for that goes all the way around my waist ending at my zipper maybe half inch from my vagina. NOT OK in that officers are suppose to protect and serve. I felt violated and these were forest rangers that are abusing their authority. Not only did they impound my car they took my dog to pound kept all my personal belongings and not giving me a slip for the car or the dog or my belongings. But after was arrested. The next day one of the rangers not only called but texted wanting to return my bat flashlight… the whole reason he searched the car. He was wrong and it didn’t fit the requirements to be a weapon. So not sure but this is BS and all of us who have been violated by these bad rangers need to make them accountable for their actions.

  4. This is typical behavior of our “NEW” forest rangers who have been crossed deputized. This behavior has been ongoing for several months where Head Ranger Meeks thinks it is ok for his rangers to act that way.

    I believe it is only a matter of time before someone is murdered by the Rangers here…They are getting away with far too much.
    When a retired law enforcement couple sent me their video of the Rangers drawing down their guns across the road through traffic, i reported the incident to Meeks, who laughed and said, he couldn’t remember which incident that was…

    so the question is how many incidents are there where your law enforcement officers are recklessly drawing their guns and pointing them through traffic??? what are your gun policy and procedures that allow no public safety??

    1. Here you go again. If you have a dog on State or Federal land you must have your dog licensed and have proof of of vaccinations. You have to have a dog on a leash. continue to support people who are breaking the law. Read the Laws and have a better understanding.

  5. On Friday jan,22,2016 4:00pm. On howland hill rd. I was traumatized, my dog taken away, and my truck impounded for my dog not being on a leash, by two and then four park rangers. I was subsequently accused of resisting when i didnt want them to put their hands under my waist band!

    William Paul
    Crescent city Ca.

  6. Hello.
    I was walking my dog, coming off the trail that goes to a ranch and follows mill creek off of howland hill rd. I have a service dog that barked at them, and was heading over to greet them, half way there is when they drew down on her! I have an old truck that was just registered in Oregon two days prior, that was missing the vin number that is generally on the dash near the windshield. They had me put my dog in the vehicle and proceeded to interrogate me, with out allowing me to move an inch. They then asked me to raise my shirt to see that i had no weapons in witch i complied. They then asked me to put my keys on the hood of my truck and i did so. Then they wanted to frisk me. I again complied. But when he wanted to go under the waist band of my pants, i stated that i wanted to hang on to what little rights i still had.
    Well that was enough for them to slam me down to the ground, and tell me i had resisted.I have a mental disability and have been “broken.” I only complied with there wishes, having read all the news articles about police shooting people. I told them i had a mental disability. I was arrested and taken to the jail here in crescent city. My dog was taken to the dog pound and my truck impounded. I was released at one thirty am. And walked home in the rain. (I live on howland hill rd.)
    This all just happened on Friday Jan,22,2016 about 4:00pm. I was released that Friday night without any paper work as to a court hearing and am about to go to the parks building to find out if there was any charges filed. I had to have a volunteer give my dog her medicine for salmon poisoning, that luckily showed up to feed the animals on Sunday as i was there contemplating how to break in, in order to save my dog! because the pound is closed on the weekend. This is after i tried everything to obtain permission to see her and give her medicine to no avail! I just got my truck out this morning from impound and again have to go find out if there is any charges, so i dont miss some court date. The money i have already paid was beyond my means, and have had to borrow, as i am a 58 yr old disabled highway worker on social security!

    I apologise for the possibly hard to understand way in which this was written. But like i said i do have a mental disability, and this is how it affects me. I loose my vocabulary, my thought process goes down the drain, and they rejoice! They are bastards!

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